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At Camp Addict, we love doing what we can to help you, the RVer. We are honored to contribute to relevant organizations with blog posts that teach different topics, do talks here and there, guest talk on radio shows and podcasts. We also sponsor events we believe in.

Here are our contributions since we launched in 2017:

Interviews / Contributions / Presentations

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September 2020- I Am CEO 

Marshall explains the ins and outs of running your own company while traveling full-time as a nomad. 

Listen  HERE

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June 2020- The Washington Post 

"Planning an RV Trip? Here's What You Need To Know Before You Go"

Way cool! Danielle Braff got much of her information on this subject from Camp Addict Kelly. With COVID-19 around, RVing has become even hotter than before. It's easier to isolate in an RV than in an airplane. Oof. Anyway, here you can learn what you need to know BEFORE you hit the road. 


Washington Post article

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January 2020- Featured Speakers at the Xscapers Annual Bash: 

"How We Find Our Boondocking Spots"

Unfortunately, we didn't video our presentation. Doesn't mean it didn't happen! We mostly use, but added in some info about other ways we have had success as full-time boondockers. 250+ attended. Fantastic audience! We love you all.   : )

2020 Bash Presentation

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December 2019- Xscapers Article: Finding Boondocking Spots

Marshall has spent less than $100 on campgrounds in four years on the road! How does he do it? He's happy to tell you. Because he has a serial boondocking problem. This is exactly how he finds his secret spots!

Read HERE.

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December 2019- Girl Camper Podcast: Quartzsite

Quartzsite, Arizona is home of the biggest consumer attended RV show in the country (Quartzsite RV Show). This and rock/mineral shows draw hundreds of thousands of people to the little town every year. We shared tips and suggestions with Janine and her listeners on her podcast. If you haven't gone to the big show, this is a must-listen.

Listen HERE

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November 2019- The RV Advisor Podcast

The RV Advisor is an advocate for RVer consumer rights. We were more than happy to talk to them on their podcast show about what CA is all about. They believed in us enough to ask us on and to share with the world why Camp Addict is different and more trustworthy than most of the other RVing product sites out there today. 

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September 2019- Victron Energy: Battery Monitors

Camp Addict teamed up with Victron Solar to discuss why a battery monitor is so essential to understand what is really doing on with your batteries. Marshall's battery life changed when he finally got his! You can read about his 'a-ha!' moment below.

Read The Article.

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September 2019- FMCA: Solar Install Basics

Solar can be so complicated that you don't bother because it's so overwhelming. We simplified the understanding part in this article made for Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA).

Read the article  HERE.

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August 2019- Girl Camper Podcast: Full-Time RVing and MARSHALL'S FINGER! LOL

We REALLY like sharing Marshall's story about his finger, LOL! Why? Because like so many other campers, DEATH was not something on our radar. It sure is now. We share the story as well as full-time RVing life with our friend, the bubbly and super friendly Janine Pettit!

Listen to the podcast HERE.

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July 2019- Stories From The Road: Everything You Need To Know About Boondocking With Camp Addict

Here we caught up with Sam from Camping World to share our secrets and best tips for boondocking. We ONLY boondock, and for the last combined 8 years, we have conjured up a few ideas and insights. Especially now that Kelly has 600 watts of solar on her roof! This was definitely a 'why didn't I do this sooner' lesson. Highlights below

Some highlights from this episode

  • 1:30 – Finding the best boondocking spots
  • 3:30 – Solar updates for boondocking
  • 12:00 – Common boondocking and RVing questions
  • 18:00 – Misconceptions around boondocking
  • 22:00 – Xscapers Convergences
  • 27:00 – Must-have boondocking products

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July 2019- Camping World Blog: What You Need To Know To Pick A New Trailer Jack

We visited CW again to help you choose which trailer jack is best for you. Manual or Electric? How big do you need? All this and more is answered HERE. 

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July 2019- Amateur Traveler Podcast: We Talk About Durango and Silverton, Colorado

Chris Christensen runs an amazing podcast about different destinations all over the world. We were lucky enough to be able to talk about one of our favorite areas, Durango and Silverton via the 550. Join us in finding out what the best parts of that area are. You can listen below. Find his podcasts at

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June 2019- FMCA Blog: The Importance Of Using An RV Surge Protector

We teamed up with FMCA to help their readers learn more about the products they use. Here we teach what you need to know (In easy to understand language) regarding surge protectors and EMS systems.

Read The Article.

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June 2019- Camping World Blog: Things To Know To Full-Time RV

We did a very comprehensive write up for Camping World on what you need to know before you start full-time RVing. If you've ever wondered if it's for you, here's your guide. 

Read The Article.

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June 2019: RV Essential Tools Article

We did a write up for TVC on what tools you should always have on hand if you RV. It is of utmost importance to have your (tool) bases covered when you find yourself stuck and in need. 

Read The Article.

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June 2019: Cheapism Contributors-Choosing An RV Rental 

They asked and we answered! We helped Cheapism teach their readers the things vacationers should look for when renting an RV. We provided information about counter space, comfortable beds, and more. 

Read The Article.

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June 2019: Featured on RV Lifestyle's Podcast.

Here we talked about Marshall's stuck finger horror story with Mike and Jennifer of the RV Livestyle. As we found out in April, it can be deadly to be camping all alone. Listen here to hear the harrowing story of how we became painfully aware of this fact. 

Listen To The Episode.

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May 2019:  Interviewed by Sam Nuerminger

Marshall Wendler got into the background of his life before and after hitting the road. He goes on to explain how he found his tribe and how we started Camp Addict, sort of on a whim!

Some highlights from this episode:

  • 1:30 – Moochdocking and boondocking
  • 4:00 – Journey to full-time RVing and RV community
  • 9:30 – Co-founding Camp Addict
  • 17:00 – Memorable moments from the road
  • 22:00 – Surprisingly awesome places to visit

Listen To The Episode.

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May 2019: Coach-Net Article "RV Newbie Tips"

If you are a new RVer, there are some things you should know to keep you from looking like a total newb. We rounded up 10 things that will help you save face and look like you are an experienced pro! 

Read the blog post.

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May 2019:  Camping World Blog - Boondocking Horror Story

Marshall got into a bind while staying at the Valley of the Gods in Utah. His accident made us all realize that if camping alone, you literally can DIE if certain precautions are not taken. Here we tell the story and summarize how to stay safe while camping solo and remotely.

Read the blog post.

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March 2019:  Campendium- Kelly's Favorite Gear

Sure, we have our RV Essentials page, but what about secret juicy stuff that one LOVES? Our friends at Campendium squeezed the best out of Kelly Beasley. Here you can see what some of her favorite non-essentials are.

Read the blog post.

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December 2018:  Xscapers Blog - Winter Boondocking Tips

Marshall (and Kelly) loves to boondock and was asked by the Xscapers to write a blog post providing winter boondocking tips. He discusses where to boondock, how to get water, how to get power and more.

Read the blog post.

full time freedom week

November 2018:  Full-Time Freedom Week Sponsor

Cool times! Our readers have been so good to us that we are now able to start sponsoring RVing events that we believe in and want to back. So we started with Full-Time Freedom Week, started by friends of ours. Other names sponsoring this online FREE event are Camping World, Battle Born Batteries, Snap Pads, Winnebago, and more!

Link to the sponsors for FTFW is HERE.  

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November 2018:  Xscapers Blog - Dating as a Full-Time RVer

Kelly has been full-time RVing for 3.5 years as a single female. She's tried dating while traveling full-time and was asked by the Xscapers to write a blog post on her experiences. Kelly gives advice on dating as a nomad, dating other nomads, and how online dating works out for full-timers.

Read the blog post.

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June 2018: Interviewed by Sam Nuerminger

Camping World reached out to interview Kelly Beasley of Camp Addict. What's in the chat? She discusses: How and why did Camp Addict get started? What it's like to be a full-time boondocking RVer? What it's like to be a solo female RVer? Is it safe? Answers below in Camping World's new podcast page featuring Camp Addict Kelly. 

Listen below the contents. 

2:20- Why exclusively boondock?

7:09- Safety on the road

15:03- Best aspects of boondocking

20:05- Kelly's RV

29:35- Opportunities created by the road

34:14- Camp Addict

38:00- Banff and Mad Max stories

Joni The Galavan

March 2018: Featured on The Galavan

We met Joni Zander in Quartzsite at the big Xscapers event this year. We think this solo chick has the raddest van ever. We got to know her and we all ended up caravanning for over a month. Joni has a fast-growing Youtube channel and asked to interview us about Camp Addict, as well as life on the road. 

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March  2018: The RV Show USA

Yay, we were again invited to be on the RV Show USA with Alan Warren! We talked in more detail about how and why Camp Addict was created and how there is no other RVing website like it. It was really nice to have some callers call in during the show to ask some questions. We were able to answer both of them (WHEW!)? Listen to the full hour below.

RV to Freedom

February 2018: Interview with 'RV To Freedom- Learning To Live In An RV' Full-Time RVing Training Course

Hey, we are here with our good friends Brandon Hatcher and Kerensa Durr, live on Facebook. They have the #1 course on helping people transition to full-time RV life. Here we discuss full-time boondocking. We also will 'myth bust' about how "it's so lonely on the road", and "You can't run a business off the grid". Our boondocking full-time  lives are plenty busy with both of those things.  

CA Boondocking 101 Xscapers

January 2018: Speakers at the Xscapers Bash- Boondocking 101 

Are you an Xscaper or an Escapee? We were in Quartzsite in January, and we were excited to be presenters at the Xscapers Annual Bash! We covered all things that are scary or seem prohibitive about boondocking so that you can learn how-to without being afraid of giving it a try. You get to camp for free, free of neighbors, in some of the most scenic places in our beautiful country! Watch the presentation video below.

Escapees logo

Jan/Feb 2018 Issue Escapees Magazine: "Heirloom Of RVing"

Turns out that RVing now runs in the family. Kellys Beasley's mom has been living in her RV full-time for two decades. Escapees magazine did a little background story... on our stories! Click HERE to view the article.

Escapees logo

Jan/Feb 2018 Issue Escapees Magazine: "Fearless Boondocking"- Venture Into The Wild

If there's one thing we know, it's boondocking. In this article by Kelly Beasley, the basics are covered as far as 'how-to' boondock with simple tips on safety, finding spots, getting power, and more. 2 years of exclusive boondocking can teach a girl a few things! Click HERE to view the article.

The RV Show USA logo

December 2017: The RV Show USA

Camp Addict founders Kelly Beasley and Marshall Wendler were invited to be on the RV Show USA with Alan Warren. We talked more about the evolution and the inspiration behind Camp Addict. Callers and commenters had some personal questions for us and we discussed what the future holds for the website as well as you, the consumer as far as where Camp addict is headed. Listen below. 

The RV Entrepreneur logo

December 2017: RV Entrepreneur Podcast- Marshall Wendler discusses why you should not start a business you're not passionate about. 

Heath invited Marshall to chat about, well, the subject is above. Trust us, it's NO fun trying to create a business that you have no passion for. We know by experience.  In this podcast, Marshall touches on making friends through Instagram, using SEO strategies to improve your Google ranking, and finding a project you're passionate about.  Have a listen HERE. 

The RV Show USA logo

November 2017: The RV Show USA- Kelly Beasley talks solo full-time boondocking RV life as a single chick.

Alan Warren, the amazing host of this syndicated nationwide radio show about RVing, asked me (Kelly) to come onto the show for the first time. In the podcast of the show, I talked about life on the road as a single female and how I boondock exclusively. We also covered a little about Camp Addict and how it came to fruition. Have a listen to the podcast below.  

RV Life logo

September 2017: RV Life Magazine Article

We were delighted when Rene Agredano asked to do an article on Camp Addict after seeing our popular 'Hold-Your-Hand-Guide to Boondocking without Fear'. She covered both Kelly and Marshall's journey into becoming full-time RVers, how we met, and how and why Camp Addict came to be. Read the article HERE. 

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July 2017: 'Rv Nomads' Documentary/Movie (Aired October 2018)

Kelly Beasley of Camp Addict was featured in the documentary-style movie featuring the exploding full-time RVing movement. The storyline featured Kelly's life and shows how she lives on the road, and why RV Nomads are remodeling the American Dream.  Click below to watch the documentary, "RV Nomads".

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