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Essential Pet Products

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These are things you should strongly consider having if you have an RV, or in some cases, if you are renting an RV. 

Here are some of the invaluable products that have (or would make- aka the Maxxair) Kelly's life easier and safer for her and her two tiny pups.

B Seen LED Dog Collar, Rechargeable

This is a crowd favorite among dog owners AND friends. Not only does it help you see your pet at night, but it's kind of fun to watch more than one dog with the collar running around at night with them on. 

It can be a lifesaver. It's rechargeable, bright, and dog owners love it! I have one for Trixie and one that barely fits Gizmo, lol!

I put them on the girls for their night piddles. 

Marcell monitoring system

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MarCELL Cellular Temperature Monitoring Device

RVs can kill your pet(s). Essentially, an RV is a vehicle. We all know you should never leave a pet in a car if the temperature is even close to being warm. Your pet can die inside your RV as well. 

The MarCELL notifies you when the temperature in your RV goes over or below your set temperature. It also notifies you if the power goes out. No WIFI necessary, it has its own cell service.

Monthly payment required. Can do partial year subscriptions.

LIFE-SAVING for your pets while you are out exploring! You can read our review on the MarCELL. Use discount code CAMP20 to get $20 off!

Nimble Waggle Pet Monitor

40% Discount

Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor

Here's another pet/RV temperature monitor we tested. It works similarly to the MarCELL. Waggle gave us one to test and boy did it do the job well. (Product used to be called Nimble)

Their app can easily tell you what the temperature is, live and in real time. The device sends you text and/or email alerts when the temperature reaches your set high or low. 

Overheating can happen easily and quickly in an RV. Don't let your pet suffer or die. Read our review of the Waggle

Buy a Waggle and get the Camp Addict 40% discount automatically!

MaxxAir MaxxFan Deluxe

This vent fan has its own rain cover. Therefore, there's no rain sensor on it. Why is this important?

Because if you hare counting on having your fan on AND open, if you get the slightest drop of rain, it's going to shut. It will also STAY shut until you get home and open it.

This can cause temperatures to soar in your RV. Don't risk it. Get a MaxxAir MaxxFan. Or make sure your vent fan does not have a rain sensor. (But if it DOES rain, your RV is getting wet, in that case.


There aren't too many things you need to have for camping with your pets. But these are four we highly recommend for the life and safety of your fur babies.

If you have a favorite product you love for having for your pets while RVing, sound off and let us know what it is in the comments below!

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