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GenTent Portable Generator Cover Review

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By Kelly Beasley

We tested the GenTent to cover a Yamaha 2000is.

The model GenTent portable generator shelter we received fits most inverter gennies under 3000 watts (newer version covers 3kW to 10kW generators).

They also make a version for larger open framed generators, which are sometimes called contractor generators.

See the box below for more sizing information.

GenTent covering Yamaha generator

GenTent generator cover

Generator covers are good to have during any weather, but it's most beneficial to protect from rain and snow.

Running a generator in bad weather conditions is dangerous, and electrocution or generator damage could occur without protection.

Using a generator cover while running your generator means it's protected from the weather while supplying power to your rig.

(Full disclosure, GenTent reached out to Camp Addict to see if we would like to review their unique product, GenTent generator covers. We liked the idea, so we accepted.)

First Impressions

After unpacking the small generator cover parts from the box, Kelly thought it looked complicated to set up.

Marshall has the detail-oriented, spreadsheet kind of brain, so he wasn't intimidated.

Guess who did the assembly? Yep, Marshall, LOL. 

GenTent Stormbracer box

The GenTent still in the box. We received the one for 1000-3000 watt inverter generators.

GenTent generator covers come with 'legs' (the base), straps, a frame, and the actual canopy.

This outdoor generator cover is made with durable materials and of high quality.

This generator canopy is the perfect solution for keeping your genny dry in the elements.


Fitting the legs and straps onto the gen does take a little finessing, figuring, and measuring.

Thankfully, GenTent provides instructional videos essential to learning how to set up the GenTent.

GenTent canopy and brace

The tent, side flap, poles, and the 'base'. (Base shown here after assembly.)

The GenTent generator tent also comes with a paper instruction manual. Their videos are set up in sections, with a video for each assembly of 'X' part.

Measurements are required during assembly to get the base frame properly aligned and prepped for the generator tent cover.

Note: You must know how to use a ratchet strap.

Marshall measuring GenTent installation

Marshall measuring the distances for proper fit

The portable generator tent comes in a long box to accommodate the length of the tent and the frame poles. It has an accessory box with the parts you put together via the video instructions.

Connecting The Tent To The Generator

Once the heavy-duty cover is assembled, place it on top of the frame and secure it with the stretchy pieces at the tent's end.

Velcro the extended cover down in front of the area with the controls as the last step.

GenTent covering Yamaha generator

Tent is up! (Lower side flap not on in this photo)

The GenTent comes with air vents and a built-in velcro side section for fueling up when your unit is covered.

Once it's assembled, it goes on in three simple steps.

Our General Consensus

I used this portable generator shelter several times in several states.

I chose not to disassemble the straps from the legs or take apart the legs at all to make them easier to use. That said, storing the marine-grade vinyl assembled cover takes up some room.

When I used the generator cover with the arms and ratchet strap still intact, I had to do a little finagling of the parts to get everything straightened out.

GenTent parts

Arm parts and corner pieces which need to be assembled

Still, It wasn't nearly as much work.

Therefore, once you get the hang of assembly, it's pretty easy to set up this portable generator cover.

But I am SUPER lazy and not mechanically oriented, so taking this out to use in the rain was very frustrating at first, even with the self-attaching design.

But after several times figuring out how to set up the portable generator rain shelter (without disassembling it altogether), it was not hard to attach.

GenTent extension arm

Here are two sections clipped together to form one 'leg'

If I had to go through the entire assembly every time, I would never use itβ€”too much work and measuring for me.

But I did use it, and the waterproof cover kept my generator dry during the rain.

This generator waterproof cover is designed to allow exhaust to blow out and keep the whole generator, especially the control area, from getting wet.

It did this very well. However, I did not use it in snow, so we cannot attest to snow loads, etc.

It would keep snow away from building up too much on the sides of the genny as the exhaust would melt any snow trying to build up on that side of the unit.

This company makes portable generator covers to fit various models.

GenTent canopy supports on Yamaha generator

Entire frame up and ready for the tent

When ordering, let them know which generator you have, and they will send the correct cover for your unit.

Full disclosure to our readers, I didn't use the GenTent that long while in my trailer. Now that I've transitioned to living in a van, I no longer carry an external power source and have no use for a GenTent.


A generator rain cover is perfect if you use a generator somewhere that has no cover and needs protection from moisture.

Similarly, it is right up your alley if you are detail-oriented, careful, and meticulous about your generator and safety.

If you are lazy like I am, you may find the installation process of this generator rain shelter, as well as the setup process, very tedious to deal with, especially if you move around a lot.

If you live in your RV in one spot, it's an excellent addition for maximum protection for your type of generator, whatever kind you have.

GenTent access panel open

Opening to get to top of generator

This cover for generator use is a very well-made product.

It depends on your meticulousness and detail orientation to have the patience to do the setup each time you need to use it.

We think it's an excellent product for the right person and situation.

GenTent Generator Cover Pros and Cons:

  • Works exactly as advertised
  • Perfect for using generators in wet weather
  • Can still access generator even when covered
  • Once arms are put together,  pretty easy to assemble
  • Protects genny from UV rays
  • Very well made, no worry about tears or scratches or high winds damaging it
  • The natural airflow design provides enough ventilation for the generator to breathe and work properly
  • Pricey
  • Initial assembly can be frustrating/tedious

GenTent Generator Tent for Portable Generators

Note that each model comes in three different versions: Standard, Plus, and Extreme. As you go 'up' in version, the price is increased.

Here are the major differences between each version (see the website for further explanation of differences):

Standard: 1-year warranty, no UV protection, not as good low temperature rating.

Plus: 2-year warranty, UV protection, better low temperature rating.

Extreme: 3-year warranty, made in the USA, UV protection, best low temperature rating.

Each model comes in three colors: tan, black, and grey.

Below are three versions of the GenTent: One for inverter generators and two for open framed generators (often described as contractor generators).

GenTent Inverter Generator Kit

GenTent Inverter generator tent

This is the GenTent inverter generator cover reviewed on this page.

It fits most inverter-style generators up to 10kW (10,000 watts). These are the style of RV portable generator that are popular among RVers as they run quieter than their loud and obnoxious contractor generator cousins.

You can verify if it fits your generator by visiting the GentTent website and choosing your generator make and model from the top where it says "Find Your GenTent."

Choose Color & Version

GenTent Direct Connect Kit

GenTent Direct Connect generator tent

For medium to large open frame generators (come both as inverter and non-inverter, aka contractor generators) in the 3kW to 13kW (3,000 to 13,000-watt) range.

You can verify if it fits your generator by visiting the GentTent website and choosing your generator make and model from the top where it says "Find Your GenTent."

Choose Color & Version

GenTent XL Kit

GenTent XL generator rain cover

This version of the GenTent generator shelter is designed to fit most portable generators (non-inverter style) in the 10kW to 22kW (10,000 to 22,000-watt) range.

You can verify if it fits your generator by visiting the GentTent website and choosing your generator make and model from the top where it says "Find Your GenTent."

Choose Color & Version


All in all, we highly recommend the GenTent portable generator shelter for those needing a generator cover. The universal fit allows one cover to fit many different sizes and models.

Make sure to get the right one to fit your setup. The initial setup might be challenging, but it might just be me. This fantastic waterproof product protects your generator from rain, sleet, or snow. This generator cover for rain and snow is also UV-resistant, protecting your genny from UV damage.

We like the product; it performed flawlessly!

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