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iBall Camera Review - The Little RV Hitch Camera That Could

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By Kelly Beasley

Let's talk about what might be the best wireless trailer hitch camera, the iBall. Having spent 5.5 years as a solo full-time RVer with a travel trailer, the bane of my existence was hitching up without an RV hitch camera.

I used to have to hitch up horse trailers back in my TEENS (without any rear-of-vehicle hitch cameras), and STILL, I haven't perfected this chore.

Kelly's Rig Crested Butte

When I first launched into full-time RV life, to help with hitching up solo, I got a stick with yellow balls on one end and a magnet at the other end.

It was crap and could never replace a wireless hitch backup camera. I used it all of once and threw it away.

Enter 2+ years of frustration of hitching without a backup camera system about every two weeks.

There had to be a better way.

iBall wireless backup camera monitor front

The iBall camera monitor. 12V plug for your vehicle.

I finally broke down and got the iBall wireless hitch camera. Here's my unbiased i-Ball trailer hitch camera review

Best Little RV Wireless Hitch Camera!

The iBall camera is the little RV wireless backup camera that could.

The only negative is that I had to put this backup hitch camera on my bumper (magnetic mount) and take it off for each use.

However, this is also a good thing- the trailer hookup camera can't get damaged in the elements, nor can someone steal the trailer camera right off the bumper.

If it was installed, it would likely be pretty easy to get off.

iBall wireless backup camera system

The full 3.5-inch color LCD monitor couldn't be easier to "install" on my rig.

Simply plug it into your 12-volt "cigarette lighter" port.

Because I am a destroyer of all nice things, I might damage it since it did not come with a carry case. (UPDATE 1/2023: I am now living in a van and no longer need the i-Ball, but it survived my years of use.)

I would throw it in the truck and hope for the best!

iBall Durability

The components of the camera and monitor are of good quality. Even with my not-so-careful storage of the two, they were still working after years of my abuse. 

The screen wass still clear, the camera worked perfectly, and I'm was delighted with how it performed.

How Does The i-Ball System Mount?

Even with installation and uninstallation required with every hook-up, it's SO easy to install and uninstall this RV backup camera.

The hitch camera mounts on the steel part of your bumper via magnet.

iBall wireless trailer backup camera mounted

Next, plug the monitor into a cigarette lighter plug in your truck, and you're done!

There's nothing to "install."

Simply power the monitor on, and it connects quickly to the rechargeable lithium-ion battery-charged bumper camera (USB charging cable included).

The 3.5-inch screen view is EXCELLENT.

Re-Learning To Back Up

The first time I tried backing up with this tow hitch camera (as you will see in the video), I was unsure what to look at - the monitor or out my back window.

It threw me, and I ALMOST hit the coupler with my bumper.

It would not have been the greatest way to start my new RV backup camera experience.

I pulled forward and backed up again, lining perfectly up over the ball.

I just overshot it a bit in the video since I was not familiar with what it should look like on the monitor yet.

After getting used to what I was seeing, I got it right the first time every time, and the iBall hitch cam quickly became my new best friend regarding RV gadgets.

Kelly Reviews the iBall Trailer Hitch Camera


If you don't have a "way" with electronics and don't want to deal with wiring or hardware issues, the iBall wireless trailer hitch camera is what you need to make hitching up your RV very easy.

I am as lazy as they come with installing things.

It's no secret that I wouldn't ever consider installing a wired rearview camera on my own.

It has a rechargeable battery, zero cables to deal with, and is precise.

The iBall hitch backup camera is easy on, easy off.

This trailer hitch monitoring device does just what it is supposed to do.

Thanks, iBall hitch camera, for being the best trailer hitch backup camera for my vehicle!

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I dedicated myself to living the full-time RV life for over 6.5 years, immersing myself in the unique quirks and joys of the boondocking lifestyle and gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience along the way. In December 2020, my business partner and I made the transition to part-time RVing, but in January 2023, we hit the road once again, this time in our trusty vans. My mission is to help others embrace the RVing lifestyle with confidence and excitement, armed with the knowledge and resources needed to make the most of their adventures. I believe that the more you know, the more you can truly appreciate and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of the open road.

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