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Good Sam Club Membership Benefits

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Wow, Good Sam Club really offers a LOT of different membership benefits, more than one might realize.

They are well known for their campground discounts, but they also offer so much more. (There are several other camper groups that offer similar camping discounts.)

Let's take a look at what kind of RVing benefits you can get through a Good Sam Club membership and what else Good Sam offers to make your RV life easier or better.

Do You Love To Hate Good Sam?

Good Sam is one of those organizations that people love to hate. The intention of this page isn't to go down that rabbit hole, but rather to give an overview of what Good Sam offers RVers.

Good Sam Enterprises is a very large entity ($500M+ annual revenue and part of the larger Camping World organization) that, unless you live under a rock, as an RVer you cannot avoid hearing about.

Because they are omnipresent, we wrote this page to give you glance of what they have to offer.

Neither Camp Addict Kelly or Marshall use any of the listed Good Sam products. We each have at one time, but not now. (Update: Kelly got Good Sam Roadside Assistance mid-2019. Hasn't needed it yet.)

They just don't fit our style of RVing. However, we understand that they work for many RVers (including some of our friends).

Good Sam is notorious for the amount of marketing material they mail you. Prepare to be inundated with marketing mailings if you sign up for a Good Sam service.

This will continue for longer than you would like even after you are no longer a member of any Good Sam service.

Couple sitting in front of 5th wheel at rv park

The Good Sam Club Review

If you purchase a Good Sam Club membership, you will receive a multitude of benefits.

These benefits range from fuel discounts, to free dump station uses, to 10% off participating campgrounds, and more.

You also sometimes get discounts on other purchases and services that they offer.

Good Sam Club logo

A Good Sam membership is a pretty good deal if you utilize their participating dumps, gas stations, and campgrounds regularly.

I (CA Kelly) started off with a 2-year membership with Good Sam.

Can't say if it paid for itself, since I only mostly used it for gas discounts and an occasional Camping World purchase.

I have not renewed. I just don't use the benefits enough to make it worth it.

But that's just me. If you make a lot of purchases, and want to utilize some of the other MANY Good Sam club benefits, it can very much be worth becoming a member.

Good Sam Roadside Assistance Review

Right off the bat, figuring out the Good Sam Roadside Assistance benefits was difficult.

Or was it that we made it difficult by diving in so hard?

Good Sam Roadside Assistance

Why? Because we looked at EVERYTHING listed on the Good Same Roadside service site.

They include brochures on their pages talking about programs that they don't really offer anymore, or that you have to call for, like the Platinum Complete Plan.

(Between the time we started our research till our publish date, Good Sam finally added the Platinum Complete Plan to their 'find a plan' section, so that's helpful.)

Yeah. Weird for the consumer/reader.

Why are these things listed on the site?

When we spoke with Good Sam Roadside, they said that some are there for people who have an old plan that is grandfathered in... not sure why they don't state this fact ON the site.

Granted, you do have to hunt for these other Good Sam towing plans.

Don't pay any attention to anything on the site but the 'Find A Plansection.

Tire & Wheel Protection Plan

As part of their roadside assistance offerings, Good Sam has a standalone plan that covers your RV's wheels and tires if they become damaged due to various road hazards and need to be replaced.

Included in the Good Sam Tire & Wheel Protection Plan is flat tire repair (other plans covered in this section only offer replacing a flat tire with your spare), tire replacement (if it's damaged beyond repair), wheel repair or replacement (if damaged beyond repair), including mounting and balancing of the new tire(s).

With this supplemental plan, you are allowed 2 'incidents' a year (unlimited number of tires/wheels per incident, but there is a $750 maximum amount per incident).

HOWEVER, your RV or auto tires must have at least 2/32" thread left, so they cannot be bald. Makes sense! Your tires need to be in serviceable condition to be covered.

The Good Sam Tire & Wheel Protection Plan is offered as part of the Roadside Assistance Platinum Complete Plan, so if you opt for this RV roadside assistance plan, you don't need to also purchase the standalone Tire & Wheel Protection Plan.

They offer three RV roadside assistance plans.

Three RV Plans (one that covers trailers and two that cover ALL RV types, including motorhomes):

  • Auto + RV Standard Plan (Trailers)
  • Auto + RV Platinum Plan (Motorhomes)
  • Auto + RV Platinum COMPLETE Plan (Motorhomes)

How do you choose which one is right for you? Easy:

Let's take a more thorough look into each plan.

Auto + RV Standard Plan (Trailers)

  • You can view the Good Sam Roadside Standard Plan brochure here (PDF).

With the Good Sam Roadside Standard Plan you will benefit if you break down in any way. They offer:

  • RV Towing Service (includes covered autos)
  • RV Roadside Service (includes covered autos)
Towing Service

Good Sam Roadside Assistance pays 100% of the towing fees up to the nearest service center.

Doesn't matter how far it is, they still cover the whole cost.

There are no pre-set restrictions or dollar limits. They do not charge additional for additional drivers.

Your whole family will be covered.

If you break down, they will tow BOTH your tow vehicle and the RV or trailer.

They cover cars, trucks, vans, SUV's, boat trailers and motorcycles.

Currently, Good Sam Roadside Assistance is offering the Standard Plan (towable RVs only) for $79.95 per year. (Stating that the 'normal' cost is $129.95.)

RV Roadside Service

If you are broken down but it's fixable on the spot,  roadside service is what you need.

You will be covered in North America, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

With the Good Sam Roadside Assistance coverage, you get benefits such as:

  • Bringing you a spare tire
  • Jumpstarting your battery
  • Fixing your flat or tow you to get it fixed
  • Get you back in if you are locked out
  • Medical referrals if you get sick
  • Bring you gas
  • Trip interruption assistance

Good Sam Roadside is partnered with over 40,000 independent towing specialists and service providers so no matter where you are, there will be somebody available to help you.

With the Good Sam Roadside Assistance Standard Plan you will also get 15% off at all AAMCO transmission centers.

Auto + RV Platinum Plan (Motorhomes)

  • You can view the Good Sam Roadside Platinum Plan brochure here (PDF).

If you have a motorhome, then the Good Sam Roadside Platinum Plan is what you want. 

You get all the same benefits as the Auto + RV Standard Plan, but it also covers motorized RVs.

Additionally, this plan also covers leased, borrowed, or rented vehicles (including RVs) as well as multiple RVs.

You MUST have this plan if you have a motorhome.

The non-platinum roadside assistance plan will not cover motorhomes.

Auto + RV Platinum COMPLETE Plan (Motorhomes)

  • You can view the Good Sam Roadside Platinum COMPLETE Plan brochure here (PDF).

The Good Sam Roadside Platinum Complete Plan builds upon the 'regular' Platinum Plan and adds two additional coverages (both available as standalone purchases).

The Platinum Complete Plan is a great way to bundle different plan types and get a discount in the process.

In addition to all the normal Platinum Plan coverages, the Platinum Complete Plan offers the following:

  • Tire & Wheel Road Hazard Coverage - the same coverage offered by the standalone Tire & Wheel Protection Plan is bundled up in the Platinum Complete Plan. This protects your RV's (and covered auto's) wheels and tires should they become damaged under normal usage and need repair/replacement.
  • Emergency Travel & Medical Assistance Services - the same type of coverage that is available under the standalone Good Sam Travel Assist plan is bundled with the Platinum Complete Plan. This coverage helps you if you have a medical emergency while traveling and need assistance with medical evacuation, transportation, RV/vehicle return, etc.

Good Sam Extended Service Plan Review

The Good Sam Extended Service Plan (ESP) is not an RV extended warranty, but rather it's mechanical breakdown insurance.

Good Sam Extended Service Plan

Included with your Good Sam ESP plan is a free 22-point inspection at Camping World.

This benefit is unlimited so you can take it in before every camping trip if you'd like for peace of mind.

The Good Sam Extended Service Plan is backed by an A-rated underwriter.

It's an insurance plan that YOU own (just remember it's a service plan as opposed to an RV extended warranty).


So what is covered in this RV service plan?  

As stated on their website, the Good Sam Extended Service Plan covers:

"Most major RV components. Transmission, drive axle, suspension, steering, brakes, engine, heating and cooling systems, generator, refrigerator, range and oven, electronics and electrical, L.P. gas, water heater, waste system, water system and fuel delivery."

For your specific type of RV, you can find out on their website HERE what is and what is not covered.

The Good Sam Extended Service Plan also helps you out if you break down.

Yes, they cover unexpected travel costs for up to 5 days in the event of a breakdown.

Also, they give $100 for up to 5 days to cover lodging, food, etc. (However, they only pay up to $100 per day that your rig is actually being worked on. Have to spend a weekend and the rig isn't being touched? Good Sam won't pay for that time.)

Additionally, they also give $60/day for up to 5 days for a rental car.

However, you cannot get rental car reimbursement if you are covering a towed vehicle (for example, a travel trailer).

The Good Sam ESP is transferrable to a new owner, making a sale even more attractive.

Good Sam RV Insurance Review

Good Sam Club offers insurance for your RV.

What's better about using Good Sam for insurance than a traditional  insurance company?

Well, they know RVs.

Good Sam Insurance Agency

Therefore they offer special benefits that don't come with traditional insurance companies.

Say you full-time... they offer coverage for full-timers.

Say you full-time but you want to stay in an Air BNB for a month or two.

Good Sam insurance will allow you to suspend the coverages you don't need while you aren't using it.

Additionally, they cover permanent attachments such as awnings and antennas.

Traditional insurance companies do not.

You can get one insurance policy for both your RV and auto(s) and you can get up to a 20% discount for combining policies.

They cover personal belongings that are in the RV. These are just a few of the insurance benefits Good Sam offers.

Good Sam Travel Assist Review

Good Sam Travel Assist basically gives you medical help while on the road.

Seems (to us) they should have called it 'medical assist.'

This coverage helps you out if you have any medical issues on the road and cannot continue your trip.

It covers you in ways that your medical insurance will not.

Good Sam Travel Assist

Like what?

Say you go to the hospital in an ambulance, Good Sam Travel Assist will tow your RV back to your home address.

If you have a pet with you, they will transport it to your home.

Good Sam Travel Assist will cover your emergrency medical transportation.

It will cover flights home after an emergency for you, your spouse, family or even traveling companion.

  • Good Sam TravelAssist INDIVIDUAL Plan brochure here (PDF).
  • Good Sam TravelAssist COUPLE Plan brochure here (PDF).
  • Good Sam TravelAssist FAMILY Plan brochure here (PDF).

It's like having a medical concierge. 

They take care of you and your family if you have a medical emergency.

They even keep up with you and monitor your treatment.

You can purchase a single, family or couple plan.

They are VERY affordable and we highly recommend this benefit if you are on the road a lot.

When we researched for this page, they were having a sale for a limited time on the plans. (Single, couple, and family)

So obviously Good Sam Travel Assist goes on sale from time to time.

If you are in no rush, watch for sales and you could save some dough.

Good Sam Credit Card

Geez louise, Good Sam even offers a credit card that earns you relevant reward points.

Good Sam rewards credit card

Naturally, you get points for purchases at companies they own such as Camping World and other family brands.

You get gas points. There is no annual fee. Of course, you have to qualify to get the card.


To sum it up, Good Sam offers a LOT of benefits and features that appeal greatly to RVers.

Depending on your situation and lifestyle, many of these could save you a ton of cash and/or grief.

Motorhome driving thru rock tunnel near Bryce

The benefit of using this club is that they know RVing and RVs.

They are the biggest RV club in the world.  Good Sam has been around since 1966.

Now you know what you do or don't need from Good Sam.

Now, get out there and Camp On!

Also, comment below if you have questions or comments that are relevant to this page. We are happy to help if possible with your decision to become a member or not.

FYI- Our comment section is not a 'sounding board' for you to lodge a complaint against Good Sam. There's nothing WE can do for you. Take it up with them.

Unless you have something intelligent or educational to contribute, your angry comment will not be published nor will it be answered. 

Thank you.

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  • Good Sam helped us find both a lender and insurance for full-timing — many lenders will not write a loan on a full-time rig, and many insurers will not insure one. I know a lot of people think “oh, I’ll just lie and they’ll never find out.”

    Not smart: if you wreck your rig, they WILL find out, and 0% of your losses will be covered – or if they do cover it, you’ve now committed insurance fraud. And if the lender finds out, they can (and will) call your loan meaning you have to pay it off in full or they will repossess it because again, you’ve committed fraud by lying about the use of the collateral for the loan.

    My overall opinion of GS is pretty neutral. We try not to stay in RV parks so the membership doesn’t help us in that regard, and so far (knock on wood) we have not needed to be towed, but I wouldn’t expect that that would suck any more or less than any other towing experience. (If you want my ragey, scathing, comments you’ll have to write a similar article about Escapees… and then put on your asbestos suit and stand TF by LOL.)

    • Hi Mary,

      Glad to hear you had good experiences with GS. We completely agree with you about the fact that if you needed to be towed, you wouldn’t expect that they would suck any less or more than any other company you chose for roadside assistance. They ALL contract with local tow companies, and THOSE are the companies whose hands you are in.

      And VERY often, they are not exactly great customer support/service-oriented although that’s most of what they do. They are all notorious for being late, never showing up, etc.

      But boy do people love to scream about the roadside assistance provider they chose if they have a bad experience. Especially over the internet where they can be anonymous.

      So we are happy to hear you had good help from them with finding a lender and finding your full-time insurance.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  • One thing to consider if pulling just a TT is whether your tow vehicle insurance covers it for roadside assistance. We have a State Farm policy with roadside assistance ( I think it’s only $2 additional per month) on our truck and it extends to our trailer. Only have used it once in 5 years and that was for roadside assistance on a flat tire that shredded on our trailer. Just called our agent and he got the nearest service on the line while we waited. About 90 minutes downtime from the time we called him to when we were back on the road.

    • Hi Warren,

      Absolutely! If your auto insurance has a way to extend coverage to a travel trailer, that is definitely a very cost-effective option. There also may be a roadside service option for a motorhome policy.

      Thanks for the comment and for checking out Camp Addict!

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