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This Epic, Easy RV Shower Hack Will Blow Your Mind!

PublishedMay 4, 2019

So, you hate your RV shower, do ya? We hear you! Your stock RV shower head SUUUUUCKS.

Adding to probably a very small shower, now you add SUPER weak shower head pressure, and a narrow 'spray'.

The worst part?  That maddening dribble when push the button to 'pause' the water flow.

The Infamous 'Flow Restrictor'

The above video shows my Oxygenics showerhead active in the 'on' position and then the 'pause' position.

(They call it their 'Smart Pause'. We call it the 'super annoying DRIBBLE')

Most showerheads made for RVs will have a 'flow restrictor' that comes as part of the showerhead. 

They will ALL dribble. Because, incredibly, they are MADE to dribble.

Why? If you want to know, we explain HERE.

You're familiar with the dribble, you know it's awful. The worst part about it is that the dribble often either turns cold or hot while dribbling.

Then you have to let it run while facing it AWAY from you, to get it back to your set temperature.

Makes for a most uncomfortable shower. Also, if you're boondocking, then you're wasting a lot of precious water.

The good news is that we have a solution to STOP THE DRIBBLE! It's time to unveil the hack that will become your favorite RV shower hack of all time.

The Exciting Hack That Will Better Your RV Shower Experience Forever

There's no need to suffer from the installed flow restrictor that came with your RV anymore.

Enter this simple little miracle hack!

Kelly shower shut off valve

This valve is your new best friend.

You're wondering "What, add another shut-off valve?! But won't it just dribble too?"


This one will legit STOP the water flow. It won't hurt your RV water system, either. It's even SUPER easy to install!

Just attach it at the base of your shower hose (as pictured above) or at the head end of your hose.

Using a little plumbers tape wouldn't hurt to make sure it doesn't leak. You can even leave your old flow restrictor on. Just don't use it.

There MAY be one small catch, however, to perfecting your shower experience.

You still may or may not need a second part to keep the water from coming out too hot or too cold when you turn it back on. You can get the shut-off valve below:

RV shower shut-off ball valve

Here's the deal. Both Marshall and I ordered both parts for this upgrade.

  1. A shut-off valve (to stop the stream)
  2. A flow restrictor valve (to keep the water temperature constant)

NEITHER of us installed the flow restrictor valve. We wanted to test to see if our water temperatures were ok without it.

They were!

The significant change in the temperature of the water coming out when we turned the flow back on went bye-bye. So neither of us ever installed ours.

The Flow Restrictor Valve Problem

So what's the issue?

One day a reader reached out to let us know that the flow restrictor valve we recommended did not fit his threads.

They were incompatible with his RV plumbing.

We looked at our unused valves  to see if they WOULD install ok, and found the same issue. Looks like there's no industry standard on RV plumbing. 

Kelly's RV shower

Yer typical ho-hum RV shower. At least this one has the right upgrades!

It will fit some units, and it won't others.

Unfortunately, we cannot tell you whether or not it will fit yours.

What we CAN tell you is that most installations we have heard about do just fine without it.

There have been a couple where the hot or cold was still a little too much.

We recommend you just try the flow stopper first.

See if your water still changes the temperature or not.

Camco backflow preventer check valve

Flow restrictor valve

If it does, at least you still have one benefit.

You've stopped the dribble.

Trying out the backflow valve can be worth it as it's pretty cheap. 

Try at your own risk!

Your Second Favorite Upgrade For The RV Shower

Replacing your lame RV manufacturer-installed shower head is one of the simplest, best changes you can make for your RV shower.

Most manufacturer shower heads have a VERY weak 'stream'.

(I can't even bring myself to call it pressure.)

Installing an Oxygenics brand shower head is one of your best bets.

Oxygenics shower head

Do I HAVE To Get A Shower Head Made Specifically For RVs?


Most regular showerheads from somewhere like Home Depot should fit just fine.

The only 'issue' you may come across is that they usually have higher GPM (gallon per minute) rates.

Again, this is bad for when you are dry camping.

A new RV shower head is usually one of the first mods anyone does when they get a new recreational vehicle.

On our RV Shower Head page, we explain more about the benefits of getting a low-flow shower head and more.

The brand Oxygenics is one of the top and most well-known RV brands and for good reason.

They make a variety of RV showerheads, the Fury shower head being their most popular 'fancy' model.

Their technology makes the pressure feel much higher than it is.

Cass testimonial headshot


"I LOVE my Fury shower head.

It uses substantially less water than my stock one, and the width of the spray is much larger.

Water pressure is enough that I can wash my hair with a proper rinse.

I now shower when boondocking almost twice as much as before, which is AMAZING.

Less wet wipe 'showers' for me!"

Cass and Oxygenics Fury shower head

Cass is CLEARLY excited about her Fury shower head in her Basecamp!

If you hate your stock showerhead, and you likely do, this is the easiest upgrade you can do to your RV.

Just ask any RVer who has done it.

It's cheap and it's easy. That makes it 100% worth it! Find our shower head reviews HERE.

RV Shower Hack Conclusion

There you have it. You're welcome.  We say that now, because we know you're going to say "THANK YOU!!!!" after you have installed your flow-stopping valve. (And maybe your new RV shower head!)

The flow stopper/new shower head combo- these are the two best RV shower upgrades to be found!

The Oxygenics shower head is a pretty common modification. The flow-stopping valve is NOT.

But, now you know about BOTH. Aren't youuuuu lucky?

Camp Addict Kelly

Kelly Beasley is co-founder of Camp Addict and loves sharing her enthusiasm for the RVing lifestyle. As a full-time RVer since May 2015, Kelly's playful writing style helps make learning about the sometimes dull subject of RV products a bit more interesting.

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