There are many things to take into consideration for newbies. There had to be very little to fear about driving an RV into these spots. There are 10 requirements that these spots had to pass. Here are the five that had them all.

It’s best to start out in places that have a lot to offer, and where you can easily fetch something you forgot, or to even jump into a nearby campground if necessary. So these are 5 great places I have been to that I can recommend to someone who has never boondocked and wants to try it but is scaaaaarred.

The general answer to this question is ‘yes’. It’s usually safe to leave your trailer parked alone while boondocking.
However, there are exceptions to this rule. For instance, what type of people are camping nearby? Do they look like drug addicts? Homeless people? If so, you might want to take extra precautions.

Guess what? Most RVs are NOTORIOUS for having problems. The workmanship is shoddy, they are made from cheap materials, and they have little to zero warranty. Plenty can be wrong with them. Let’s get educated to know what to look for so you don’t fall victim to a lemon!

Ok, so the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t the main reason, but it certainly contributed to new difficulties and took away a big part of what made full-time RVing so much fun and so awesome…

So the question is really: “Will a travel trailer or will a motorhome be better for you?” The problem with that question is that you have your own wants and needs. And I’m not going to pretend to know them. But you do. Right? Check out the pros of each and learn which Kelly would pick if she did it again.

With Boondockers Welcome, you can pick someone’s place that is ‘out there’, farther away from the city, has nice views, with possibly no utilities available. Here, you can push the limits of your holding tanks, battery bank, etc. Learn your systems, see how long you can go without using your generator, or do you have enough solar to keep your batteries optimized? It’s like half-boondocking and half-campgrounding!

Full-time or not, you’re probably wondering what to do about your mail. Do you need mail forwarding? That depends. How long will you be on your trip? Here we outline why you may need a service and how to get your stuff delivered to where you are parked.

When you store your RV, there are things you’d better do in preparation so that it remains in good shape for your next adventure.
Don’t worry, it’s a pretty simple process and shouldn’t take up TOO much of your time (Except for winterizing. That’s a bit of a pain). That said, not doing these things can cost you big time AND money in the future!

While boondocking does offer a quieter, more nature-based, and likely a more scenic camping experience than camping in campgrounds, it is not the perfect experience for all. With the good comes the bad. If you’re not a fan of many or all of the below variables, you may want to avoid boondocking. Read on to find out if it is or is not up your alley.