11+ Best Small Class C RVs With Actual Face To Face Seating!

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By Kelly Beasley

When it comes to choosing a small Class C RV, or any RV type, there are seemingly endless factors that come into play when picking the right one.

For example, the number of beds might be high on the list.

Or maybe  gas mileage or length is the most important.

But one CRUCIAL factor for comfort that many people overlook is the seating arrangement.

Class C motorhome in desert

Unless you're going to be solo in your RV all the time, it's something you should pay attention to.

I want myself and my guests to be comfortable when hanging out in my RV.

There's nothing worse than being in an RV trying to hang out with others with no comfortable way to sit and face each other to chat.

Or even trying to watch a TV that's not positioned where you can watch it without turning your head.

And it's awkward to have a 'wall' of sofas where everyone is facing straight ahead instead of facing each other. But that's a very common seating arrangement.

So if you're in the market to buy a compact Class C RV with comfortable seating, you've just landed the jackpot!

Class C RVs In Brief

All motorhomes are categorized as one of these 'classes.'

  • Class A
  • Class B
  • Class C

They each have defining factors that make them 'that class.'

Learn more about the difference between Class A, B, and C motorhomes.

Class A

The Class A starts its life as a bare chassis.

The manufacturer buys the chassis from X company, then builds the recreational vehicle around that chassis.

RV manufacturers don't build their own chassis, and that's why chassis builders are a thing.

Class B

The Class B RV starts its life as a van, but empty. Then the RV manufacturer outfits the inside and makes it into an RV.

Class C

Class C RVs start out as a van cutaway chassis. So it's the front cab of a van with nothing behind it but the frame, wheels, and tires.

Ford Class C cutaway chassis

Ford E-Series Cutaway Chassis For Class C

Then, the RV manufacturer builds the walls and interior on top of that chassis.

There is often a cab area over the top of the driver's area. But this isn't ALWAYS the case.

Class B+ (Not an official designation, but has been named casually)

The B+ is not recognized as an official class. Instead, it's the name for a C that doesn't have the sleeping area/cab over the driver area.

It's TECHNICALLY a C because it starts life the same way any C starts, as the cab and chassis area of what would have been a van.

It's then finished out by an RV manufacturer just like a Class C is, but with a much smaller cabover area.

Benefits Of Small Class C RVs Over Class B RVs

There are many commonalities between a small Class C and Class B motorhomes.

They are both close to being the same length, and both usually are fully outfitted, having a shower, storage, a dining area, a toilet, etc.

But there are things that a B cannot provide as well as many Class C's can. Here are a few things that stick out that may make a C a better fit for you:

  • More floorplan options
  • More room for things like bunk beds
  • C RVs tend to have slide-outs, whereas B's usually don't
  • More room inside
  • Better storage
  • Larger holding tanks

Learn more about a Class C vs Class B RV.

Class C motorhome parked along Denali Highway Alaska

Tips For Choosing The Best Small Class C RV

So it's nice to have a comfortable seating area in your RV.

That said, there are other factors you should also be looking for.

Make a list of the things that are the most important to you, from most important to least. Consider such factors as:

  • Towing Capacity
  • Cargo carrying capacity
  • Tank capacities (if you'll be dry camping a lot)
  • Number it sleeps
  • Length for ease of drivability and length limits in parks
  • Counter space
  • Wet or dry bath
  • Residential refrigerator or absorption fridge
  • Murphy bed or stand-alone bed
  • Will you be full-time or part-time in it
  • Number of and placement of windows
  • Build quality

No matter what unit you eventually buy, compromises must be made.

Make a list and stick with what is most important to you. It helps immensely.

Which Brand Should I Choose?

The brand or manufacturer you choose will significantly affect whether you get a lemon and/or multiple issues with your RV.

Granted, ANY RV, no matter the manufacturer that makes it, can be a lemon.

But the better brand you start with, the lesser chance of having issue after issue.

For more information, check out our list of the best brands and manufacturers of Class C's.

Diesel or Gas?

There are even pros and cons to which type of engine you get.

Diesel Engines:

  • More torque for towing up long mountain grades
  • Usually have more towing capacity
  • More expensive upfront
  • More fuel-efficient and needs less maintenance
  • More expensive to repair

Gas Engines:

  • Cheaper upfront
  • Easier to find fuel
  • More affordable repairs than diesel engines
  • Weaker towing power

What About Renting A Class C First?

This is an excellent idea if you've never experienced driving a motorhome or camping in one.

Heck, you could rent one and discover RVing is not for you!

This would save you thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It can also help you figure out what type of layout you do and don't want.

So, rent before you buy? Absolutely!

Why Choose A Small Class C RV?

A small Class C RV is a great choice. But it's not for everyone.

You might get one and discover (this is why we recommend renting one first!) that it's too short or too long for your needs.

Maybe it doesn't have the best sleeping arrangements.

There could be lots of reasons it's for you or not.

Here are some of the benefits of a Class C over any other classes:

  • More affordable than Class A's
  • Bigger than Class B's
  • More agile than Class A
  • More likely to have a dry bathroom than a Class B
  • It might be more affordable than a similar Class B
  • More dedicated sleeping space than a B
  • Can probably tow a car where with a B, likely not
  • More storage space than a B
  • More exit doors than a Class A

11 Best Small Class C RVs Under 30 Feet

So, here is what we found as far as a GOOD seating floor plan in Class C motorhomes under 30 feet in length.

We cannot guarantee the seats themselves will give much comfort.

RVs are notorious for having UNCOMFORTABLE seating, especially the dinette.

These are small Class C motorhomes, so don't expect to find ALL the bells and whistles, such as a washer and dryer. But they will come with all the necessities.

Keep in mind many of what we show here are 2022 models, but they often have older models in the same floorplans.

What is the smallest Class C RV we list? The 22-foot 6-inch long Gulf Stream BT Cruiser.

And it's true, a 30 foot Class C might be considered a medium-sized motorhome, but after pulling a 24 foot travel trailer with a vehicle, totaling about 45 feet in length, for YEARS, 30 feet is short to us!!!

Here we go!

2022 Jayco Greyhawk 27U

Jayco Greyhawk 27U small Class C exterior

This little bird easily seats SIX people where they all face each other. Brilliant!

The dinette occupants might need to lean against the wall to face all present, but that's easy.

The Jayco has the fantastic swivel seats in the front, making use of the driver area, so it's not just wasted space when parked.

Greyhawk 27U Class C interior

If only ALL motorhomes would do this with their front seats.

Anyway, the king-sized bed will be a big plus to some!

This C scrapes right under our 30' small Class C campers designation.

Jayco Greyhawk 27U small Class C floorplan

Main Specs:

  • Length: 29' 11"
  • How many it sleeps: up to 7
  • MSRP (price): Starts at $155,168
  • Website

Gulf Stream BT Cruiser 5210 and 5230

BT Cruiser 5210 small Class C RV exterior

Here we have the perfect example of a well-though-out interior in a medium sized RV. But WHYYYYY don't they build this small Class C RV so the cab chairs turn around as a standard feature?

(It's an option, instead of standard.)

Sleeping only 4, this shortie is only that short because there is no dedicated bed.

Dedicated beds in coaches make for wasted day space.

BT Cruiser 5210 Class C RV sofas

Go for the 2 foot longer 5230, and you get a slightly larger wardrobe and an added pantry.

That little thing is still a quite small 24-foot RV at 24 feet 5 inches long.

These two BT Cruisers are super nimble little dudes riding on the mighty Ford E-350 chassis.

These are two of the smallest compact Class C motorhomes on our list.

BT Cruiser 5210 Class C RV floorplan

BT Cruiser 5210

BT Cruiser 5230 Class C RV floorplan

BT Cruiser 5230

Main Specs:


  • Length: 22' 6" (a mini Class C RV)
  • How many it sleeps: up to 4
  • MSRP (price): Get Quote
  • Website


Entegra Coach Esteem 27U

Entegra Esteem small Class C motorhome

The Esteem is one of the few 30-amp RVs with the option of running two AC units at one time.

This bodes well for those camping in hot temperatures. (How to keep an RV cool in summer.)

Entegra Esteem 27U Class C interior

It comes with automatic leveling jacks, heated holding tanks, the Girard tankless water heater, as well as hardwood cabinet doors and drawers.

Both the driver and passenger seats swivel, so you get FULL use out of the front of your coach!

Coming in just under 30 feet, this one has a King-sized bed and can likely sleep up to 7.

Entegra Esteem 27U Small Class C motorhome floorplan

This gem rides on top of the Ford E-450 chassis and can tow 7,500 pounds.

Main Specs:


  • Length: 29' 11"
  • How many it sleeps: up to 7
  • MSRP (price): $173,543
  • Website

Regency Ultra Brougham 25ib

Regency Ultra 25ib small Class C RV

This little 25 foot small Class C RV looks like a van, which is no surprise since it was built on the Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis.

It is really a Class B+ which is REALLY a Class C (thank you marketing words).

Keep in mind that this one can seat four but only sleeps three.

Short motorhomes like this are great for a family with one kiddo.

Do keep in mind that the kid's bed needs to be made and broken down once a day.

If you're OK with that, you're in luck! Here's a super nimble and small RV for you to tool around in that has excellent seating, ESPECIALLY for a smaller RV.

Regency Brougham Class C motorhome interior

Pictured: Ultra 25MB (Murphy bed)

Actually, all four of the Ultra Brougham floorplans work pretty well as far as seating goes.

They boast Corian countertops, a refrigerator with a door that opens from either side and day/night shades in all windows.

Standard features are a keyless start, a skylight with privacy shade, and a macerator toilet.

You even get instant hot water in this baby!

Regency Ultra 25IB Class C floorplan

Main Specs:


  • Length: 25' 1"
  • How many it sleeps: up to 3
  • MSRP (price): $173,543
  • Regency is no longer in business as of summer 2023

Coachmen Cross Trek 27XG

Coachmen Cross Trek 27XG Class C motorhome

This number DOES NOT have a generator! It's made to dry camp, running solely off of the batteries.

But if you ask me, not having a generator is a bad idea for anyone who likes to dry camp most of the time, IF you need to use your AC.

The solar is strangely optional.

They claim you can run the AC off the batteries, but there's no way you're going to be able to do that for very long without fully draining them.

Coachmen Cross Trek 27XG Class C interior

Anyway, for you sports junkies, it features a HUGE, and I mean HUGE exterior storage bay for your toys (you can put a bike inside it, fully upright).

It has no slides, so no worries about slide trouble.

This RV is 30 feet long and has everything you need to hang out together while camping comfortably.

Coachmen Cross Trek 27XG small Class C RV floorplan

Main Specs:


  • Length: 30 feet
  • How many it sleeps: 7
  • MSRP (price): Not currently being made - replaced by the Cross Trail

2022 Winnebago Spirit 25B

Winnebago Spirit 25B Class C RV

This Winnebago Minnie Winnie sleeps 6 and has no slides. It has over 4,000 pounds of cargo carrying capacity.

That's unreal in a smaller recreational vehicle!

It has excellent storage inside and out. The sofa and dinette are opposite each other, so your seating is ideal. (But the front seats DO NOT swivel.)

Winnebago Spirit 25 foot Class C cab area

One thing lacking in this unit is the counter space.

It has a double sink and a big stovetop but zero counter space. You'll have to use the dinette table for that.

Otherwise, at 26 feet 4 inches long, you get everything you need in a Class C motorhome, AND it's a Winnebago!

Bonus! The 26T has a similar floorplan and is 28 feet 5 inches long.

Winnie Spirit 25B small Class C floorplan

Main Specs:


  • Length: 26' 4"
  • How many it sleeps: 6
  • MSRP (price): Starts at $131,486
  • Website

LazyDaze 24FD and 27RB

Lazy Daze small Class C motorhome

Boy, do people love their LazyDaze motorhomes! I'd take one!

These are almost bomb-proof due to the construction of the exterior.

Both of these models have opposing seating.

The front seats don't swivel, though.

You'll have to really search for these small Class C RVs as they go fast used. Unfortunately you can no longer purchase them new as they went out of business in 2022.

Lazy Daze 24 FD Class C interior
Lazy Daze 24FD Class C floorplan

LazyDaze 24 FD

Lazy Daze 27RB Class C motorhome floorplan

LazyDaze 27RB

Main Specs:


  • Length: 23' 11"
  • How many it sleeps: 4?
  • MSRP (price): Only available used


  • Length: 27'
  • How many it sleeps: 5-6
  • MSRP (price): Only available used

2022 Coachmen Freelander 27QB

Coachmen Freelander 27QB Class C RV

This one is a basic-no-frills Class C that is under 30 feet and gets the job done.

But it barely breaks six figures, making it one of the more affordable Class C's you can find if you buy it new.

It does feature, as all here do, a good seating arrangement.

Coachmen Freelander 27QB Class C interior

It also has a fantastic CCC (cargo carrying capacity) over 3,000 pounds! Not having a slide helps keep things light.

The hitch is capable of towing a 5,000 pound vehicle.

Coachmen is owned by Forest River.

Coachmen Freelander 27QB Class C floorplan


  • Length: 29' 6"
  • How many it sleeps: 6-7
  • MSRP (price): Starts at $100,693
  • Website

Chinook RV

Chinook Summit small Class C motorhome

This is one of my personal favorites.

The length, the layout, the WINDOWS?!!! AND it's constructed with a thick, four-season shell??

Wow- it's perfect! You can buy one old or new.

Chinook Summit small Class C interior

They closed doors in 2005 because of the Great Recession but they re-opened in 2016 to resume making the beloved Chinook.

You can find very similar looking pre-2005 models that have the same layout.

Here's their brochure for the newer Summit.

Chinook Summit Class C floorplan


R Vision Trail-Lite

R-Vision Trail-Lite Class C motorhome

This little gem came in many lengths, all under 30 feet, and ALL with good seating. The smallest one is around 21 feet long.

The company is no longer around and they aren't made anymore, but we included this one as it's just such a great layout in such a small space!

(It's a very similar layout to the Chinook.)

Might be a real challenge to find and you may have to drive hundreds of miles to find one, but it also might be worth it. Now you know.

Interior pics in brochure HERE.

R-Vision Trail-Lite 213 class C RV floorplan


  • Length: 21' 11"
  • How many it sleeps: 2-3, depending on model, and ALL have great seating layouts!
  • MSRP (price): Not being made new - only available used.


European Class C parked in field with couple sitting beside it

It's hard to find good seating arrangements in smaller Class C's, but we did it for you!

Look for older models as well, they don't always change the layout every single year, so you can likely find used recreational vehicles for sale of these brands and makes.

RVs are notorious for having issues, mechanical and decorative. It comes with the territory.

The better of a brand you start with, the fewer problems you're likely to incur.

Good luck with your search for a short Class C RV.

And remember, camper dealerships almost ALWAYS price WAY TOO HIGH!

Even if the sticker says MSRP is X but their 'sale' is $30K less, it's likely STILL TOO MUCH!

Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. Good luck finding your small Class C RV!

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