Casita Campers- Is The Unique Little Egg Trailer Really Worth Your Money?

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By Kelly Beasley

Cute little Casita campers- who DOESN'T want one (and who has the money for one)?

They are the small, lightweight, egg-shaped travel trailers that are adored for so many good reasons.

For one, they are made from 2 pieces of molded marine-grade fiberglass with only one seam, making them nearly indestructible.

Casita travel trailer at improved campsite

Second, leaks don't often destroy these campers, unlike most other RVs out there.

Third, they can be towed by many vehicles because they are so light. Not to mention they come in various floorplans.

All of these details and so much more more make them very coveted in the RV world.

Let's dive right in and look at everything you've wanted to know about these darlings of the recreational vehicle world and see if they are really worth your money!

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What Is A Casita Camper? 

The word casita means 'small house' in Spanish.

And that's just what it is!

Fully equipped with every life need (except in some cases, no bathroom), these RVs are small, lightweight, single-axle 'mobile homes' so to speak.

They have been around for about 40 years, and they can last over a lifetime.

New models come in a 17 foot length, though you can find older ones that are 16 feet long.

They are easy to identify by their rounded shape, small stature, and white exterior.

The History Of Casita Campers

Casita Enterprises Inc. has been manufacturing these little beans since 1983.

As told by Timothy Lang, Casita Enterprises CEO in Business View Magazine:

"Casita Enterprises was established in 1983 by my parents John and Connie Lang," explains Timothy Lang, the company's second-generation Vice President.
"When they started it, it was a much smaller operation, and it was based out of a little town that had less than 500 people in it."

They have really grown since then, moving to Rice, Texas, and now they make 14 to 19 units a week.

Casita travel trailer factory warehouse

The company has been kept in the family and will likely continue to be so.

They've been around for decades, hardly needing to change anything about the trailers because they knocked it out of the park in the beginning!

Who Owns Casita Travel Trailers?

Casita is owned and operated by the Lang family. John and Connie Lang started the business in 1983.

Why Are Casita Travel Trailers So Popular?

There are a few reasons these fiberglass trailers are so popular:

Lightweight And Aerodynamic

First, and possibly the biggest reason, is that the RV is so light. Being so lightweight and aerodynamic, it tows like a dream. They can be towed by many different vehicles, whereas most travel trailers cannot.

Small Size

A Casita camper trailer is shorter in length and height than most other bumper pull travel trailers, and this alone makes them easier to maneuver and store than almost any other RV.

Almost Indestructible

Because of how they are made, these trailers, when taken care of, will outlast you! Leaks are the biggest 'killer' of RVs, and the fiberglass mold that makes these campers what they are keeps the leak points down to a minimum.

Resale Value

These little trailers hold their value better than most other RVs, and this is due to the almost indestructible marine-grade fiberglass shell from which they are made.

These campers rarely leak, and fiberglass is extremely durable so they last a lifetime, if not longer.

Five Layouts

The brand does very well with its layouts.

They offer five styles, and each one caters to a specific type of camper and the number of persons camping in it.

Casita small trailer dinette

Photo courtesy of Adam and Lindsey Newburn. Spirit Deluxe layout.

Are Casita Campers Any Good?

Casita campers are fantastic!

They are virtually indestructible, small, lightweight, and cute!

They have plenty of layouts, enough that you can likely find one that works for your needs.

And if you decide it's not the camper for you, you can sell it for probably close to or more than you paid for it! They hold their value very well.

Additionally, they have large holding tanks for their size and have a decent-sized refrigerator, beating out Scamp trailers in these two categories.

How Much Does a Casita Travel Trailer Weigh?

Casita campers are very light trailers, making them suitable to be towed by many vehicle types, including some SUVs.

On average, a Casita trailer weighs about 2,200 pounds. The lightest one they don't make anymore, the 13 foot Patriot at 1780 pounds.

Here are all the base weights for current and recent trailers made.

Spirit, Heritage, Freedom, And Liberty Weights:

16-foot standard   1970 lbs

16-foot deluxe       2185 lbs

17-foot standard   2210 lbs

17-foot deluxe       2480 lbs

QT commercial scale

Casita Independence Weights:

17-foot standard   2210 lbs

17-foot deluxe       2480 lbs

Casita trailer weight is typically between 2,400 pounds and 3,500 pounds when fully loaded.

Axle load rating (the most weight their axles can take) is only 3,500 pounds, so make SURE you don't go over this weight with gear and provisions.

How Much Does A Casita Travel Trailer Cost?

How much are Casita campers? Well, it depends. First, if you want to buy a brand-new one, you'll likely have to wait just over a year for delivery.

Casita travel trailer pricing starts with a base price.

But the price goes up per any optional equipment and packages you order with it, such as a water heater, awning, furnace, or electric tongue jack.

The lowest you can get a new one with this current sale is $26,694 (as you can see below and also on their website).

The sale prices listed below are temporary (may only last a couple more months past March of 2022, the time of publishing this article), and then the cost of Casita travel trailers are going up, per a company rep.

Casita Price List Brochure (2023 Model Year)

Casita trailer at dirt campsite

Standard vs. Deluxe

With the Casita fiberglass trailer, Standard vs. Deluxe is very simple:

Standard Features: No bathroom

Deluxe Features: Wet bath included

The deluxe versions all come with a fully equipped wet bath in the front of the trailer, including a shower and toilet.

The standard versions usually have extra sleeping space there, in the form of bunk beds that convert to a sofa with storage space for daily use.

If you get a used one, you don't even have to look at a listing to know if the camper has a bathroom or not. If it says 'deluxe,' it has a bathroom!

Let's explore the different floor plans.

Casita Travel Trailer Floor Plans

The company offers five different models with flexible floorplans.

This is due to the number of different ways people like to camp.

If you order new, they currently only offer a 17 foot model.

Casita Heritage trailer bunk beds

The Heritage model featuring side bunks!

They also made a 16 footer, but now you can only buy one of those used.

Some campers only stay in campgrounds and would rather not deal with an RV sewage tank, so they don't get a bathroom.

Others have kids and need bunk beds. You might want a king-size RV mattress or permanent twin beds, so you get that floor plan.

There's something for everyone with all the different types of layouts they offer in the Casita trailer floor plans.


Casita Liberty interior looking rearward

This model offers two dining areas. It also offers a king-sized bed conversion. Or, you can keep it as a double bed.

Alternately, you can use the forward dining area when the double bed is made, or tear down the dinette and enjoy the king for the night.

This camper easily has great variety when it comes to sleeping arrangements.

But what's the best model for those of you with kids? Probably the next one (Heritage).

Casita Liberty Standard floorplan

Liberty Standard model. Only floorplan with a king-sized bed.

Casita Liberty Deluxe floorplan

Liberty Deluxe. Bathroom eliminates two twin beds.

  • Dry Weight: 1,970- 2,480 pounds
  • Fresh Water: 16 or 25 gallons (bigger on the 17-foot)
  • Length: 16 or 17 feet
  • Grey Tank: 13 or 32 gallons
  • Black Tank (deluxe): 13 gallons
  • Sleeps 2-4


Casita Heritage trailer interior looking rearward

The Heritage is perfect for families on the go. The standard model can sleep six, with 4 bunk beds in this configuration (2 permanent, and one converts to a couch when needed).

If one chooses to get the deluxe model, one can still sleep four and have a bathroom.

But for families of 5+, it's probably best to purchase the standard version of the Heritage.

Casita Heritage Standard floorplan

Heritage Standard. 4 bunk beds!

Casita Heritage Deluxe floorplan

Spacious bath and shower and can still sleep 4.

  • Dry Weight: 1,970- 2,480 pounds
  • Fresh Water: 16 or 25 gallons (bigger on the 17-foot)
  • Length: 16 or 17 feet
  • Grey Tank: 13 or 32 gallons
  • Black Tank (deluxe): 13 gallons
  • Sleeps 4-6


Casita Freedom travel trailer tan interior

The Freedom happens to be my favorite! Comfortable home-style seating? Yes, indeed!

Freedom is almost identical to the Spirit, except the side dinette comes with two stand-alone captain's chairs instead of the built-in booth chairs.

This does eliminate the second dinette as a sleeping area, however.

The rear dinette converts to a double-sized (ish) bed. You can keep it a bed all the time or make up the bed into the dinette daily.

Casita Freedom trailer grey interior
Casita Freedom Standard floorplan

Freedom Standard. Features captain's chairs.

Casita Freedom Deluxe floorplan

Freedom Deluxe. Cozy with a bathroom.

  • Dry Weight: 1,970- 2,480 pounds
  • Fresh Water: 16 or 25 gallons (bigger on the 17-foot)
  • Length: 16 or 17 feet
  • Grey Tank: 13 or 32 gallons
  • Black Tank (deluxe): 13 gallons
  • Sleeps 2-4


Casita Independence trailer twin beds

The Casita Independence floorplan has two permanent twin beds in the back of the trailer. These beds can be used as seating when not used as a bed.

They also convert to one large bed.

This floorplan can also become one large bed at the end when needed. The standard version has storage and bunks at the front of the camper, while the deluxe offers the bathroom.

Casita Independence Standard floorplan

Independence Standard. Features two twin beds plus bunk beds.

Casita Independence Deluxe floorplan

Independence Deluxe. Sleeps two with a bathroom.

  • Dry Weight: 2,210 or 2,480 pounds
  • Fresh Water: 25 gallons
  • Length: 17 feet
  • Grey Tank: 32 gallons
  • Black Tank (deluxe): 13 gallons
  • Sleeps 2-4 (twin beds can convert to a king)


Casita Spirit trailer interior looking rearward

Spirit model with side dinette turned into bed.

The Spirit is a very popular floor plan. It offers two separate seating areas.

Both of these seating solutions can also be used as beds.

The Spirit sleeps 3-5 people.

The Casita Spirit deluxe version features a bathroom in the front, while the standard option features bunks and storage in that area.

Casita Spirit Standard floorplan

Spirit Standard. Sleeps 5. 

Casita Spirit Deluxe floorplan

Spirit Deluxe. Sleeps 3 with bathroom.

  • Dry Weight: 1,970- 2,480 pounds
  • Fresh Water: 16 or 25 gallons (bigger on the 17-foot)
  • Length: 16 or 17 feet
  • Grey Tank: 13 or 32 gallons
  • Black Tank (deluxe): 13 gallons

Where To Find A Used Casita For Sale

Any brand of fiberglass travel trailers is in high demand.

Finding one for sale and at a good price can be challenging.

That said, it can be done, and there are a few dedicated websites where you can find them posted for sale.

Fiberglass RV Websites:

Regular RV Websites:

Lindsey and Adam in front Casita small trailer

Photo courtesy of Adam and Lindsey Newburn

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Lightest Casita Trailer?

The lightest Casita trailer would be the older 16 foot standard (no bathroom) models. 

They start at 1,970 lbs. They aren't currently in production, but you might find one used. 

All of the models were once made in 16 feet length except for the Independence.

How Long Is A Casita?

Casita campers come in 16 and 17 foot lengths, though the 16 foot size stopped being made in 2022. (The 16 foot length no longer shows on their website and brochures.) 

You might find a used Casita Patriot out there, which is a 13 foot trailer.

How Tall Is A Casita?

A Casita camper height on the exterior is 8 feet 11 inches INCLUDING the roof AC.

Is A Casita Camper Worth It? 

Yes, Casita campers are worth the purchase if you want an aerodynamic, reliable, durable trailer with excellent resale value. 

Casita travel trailer prices are a touch high for the size and length, but they easily outlast any traditionally-made RV, so they hold value well.

Do Casita Travel Trailers Have Bathrooms?

Some Casitas come with bathrooms, and some do not.

The ones that do are called Deluxe, and those that do not are called Standard. 

  • Like the size of a Casita but maybe you are looking for something a little different and you need a bathroom? Learn about other small trailers with bathrooms.

How Long Is The Wait For A Casita Trailer?

As of March 2022, if you ordered today, you'd receive your camper in May of 2023.

If you want the Independence, it's back-ordered until October of 2023. 

These lead times are apt to change as time goes on. 

What Interior Colors Can You Get In A Casita?

Casita just released new interior colors in 2022! So in addition to the tan interior, you can now order grey and white. 

It's the first significant color change they have ever had since the beginning of production.

Does Casita Make A 13-Foot trailer?

Casita, in the past, made a 13-foot trailer called the Patriot. The only way to buy this trailer nowadays is to buy a used one. 

Do Casita Trailers Hold Their Value?

Yes, Casita campers hold their value astonishingly well. 

Because they are made from a marine-grade fiberglass shell, they rarely leak and don't fall apart. 

They don't make them in mass production, therefore only so many are made per year. 

Combined with how light they are, these two factors make them in high demand.

They are even hard to find used, and when they are sold used, they still demand pretty high prices that aren't too far from the original price.

Do Casita Trailers Leak?

ANY trailer can leak, but these are much less prone to leaking than non-molded fiberglass RVs. 

What these campers don't have that most others do are large seams along the roof and side walls. Seams have huge potential for water entry.

Any molded fiberglass camper comes in two large fiberglass pieces. They are attached together with one seam along the sides. 

Water cannot enter anywhere but through holes made for attaching things to the top, such as an AC unit, roof fan, solar panel holes, or wire entry points. 

And those points do exist.

They are sealed with caulk, but over time, movement, age, and sun can create new entry points for water. 

So, these cute little RVs CAN leak, but it's much less prone to leaking than non-molded fiberglass trailers are, especially if properly maintained.

How Big Is A Casita Fresh Water Tank?

Casitas come with a 16-gallon standard water tank. However, you can upgrade the tank size to a 23-gallon water tank when ordering.

Casita Brochure


Casita fiberglass trailers are small, aerodynamic egg-shaped trailers that rarely leak and they hold their value.

Coveted by many, there's a year plus wait list to buy them new and used ones get snapped up quickly when priced right.

They last a lifetime, are light and easy to tow and have great layout options.

They even have great windows, so you don't feel like you're in a cave when you're inside.

The fiberglass molds they are made out of make them almost indestructible and relatively leak-proof.

Offering five interior layouts with either a bathroom or no bathroom and an interior height of 6 foot 2 inches, there's a Casita for almost everyone.

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I dedicated myself to living the full-time RV life for over 6.5 years, immersing myself in the unique quirks and joys of the boondocking lifestyle and gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience along the way. In December 2020, my business partner and I made the transition to part-time RVing, but in January 2023, we hit the road once again, this time in our trusty vans. My mission is to help others embrace the RVing lifestyle with confidence and excitement, armed with the knowledge and resources needed to make the most of their adventures. I believe that the more you know, the more you can truly appreciate and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of the open road.

  • she doesnโ€™t really know what sheโ€™s talking about. one important consideration is insulation. casita uses chair cushion foam which isnโ€™t really insulation. thatโ€™s why they donโ€™t state r value. also big windows mean more heat in the summer and more cold and condensation in the winter and more noise!!!

    • Yep, Casita’s aren’t very well insulated. That said, many, MANY people camp in Casita’s in the winter, even in sub-freezing temps. The biggest issue there is keeping pipes from freezing, which isn’t too hard if you open the lower cabinet areas.

      It’s such a small space that if one uses the furnace or a Buddy heater or other, one easily stays comfortable in cold conditions. Summertime, well, ya have to use the AC or run to higher elevations.

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