What's Your Private Party RV Value Really Worth? How To Find Out

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By Kelly Beasley

If you're thinking of selling your RV, you're probably wondering where to find the actual values of recreational vehicles.

"What is my RV worth" is a great question. But where do you figure out used motorhome or travel trailer pricing??

You're likely looking to sell to a private party if you're here (or you want to consign it), so you need to know your private party RV value.

Let's dive into how you can answer the question, "What is my camper worth?"

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Figuring Private Party RV Value

Everyone knows doing a trade-in vs. selling your rig yourself, even if you have a high-quality rig, won't get you a much lower final sales price.

So many prefer to sell it themselves to avoid a lowball offer.

That said, the challenge of selling yourself on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace is figuring out "what's my RV worth?" before listing it.

The easiest way to determine the retail value of your RV for sale is by using the NADA RV Value Guide. It is an excellent first step in figuring out your resale value if you're looking to trade it in. (It doesn't give a trade-in amount, but you at least know what they can list it for and go from there.)

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But what if you may have an RV that is not listed in the NADA database. That being the case, other tools are out there that help figure out what your RV is worth.

Also, using another source to determine RV camper values is a great way to cross-check that the asking price is realistic.

Armed with our suggestions, you can figure out how much to sell your RV at a fair price for a potential buyer and you, the seller. (Learn all about camper inspections.)

NADA RV Prices

The NADA (National Automobile Dealer's Association) provides the low retail price and average retail used RV values.

This is one of the easiest ways to assess the value of your motorhomeRV camper trailer, fifth wheel, or slide-in truck camper.

Using this guide is far superior to trying to estimate RV value.

Let's look at how you can find correct camper values using NADA camper prices.

What Is RV NADA, Anyway?

The National Automobile Dealer's Association has been around for almost a century.

The NADA camper guide is a valuation guide for recreational vehicles.

NADA Guides logo

They report on values because they rely on hard data of sales prices from sellers and dealers, and they try to be as comprehensive as possible.

There are several factors NADA uses to determine motorhome and travel trailer values.

  • Condition
  • Mileage (motorhomes)
  • Location/region
  • Options
  • Quality of brand

They do NOT consider some things:

  • Upgrades NOT made by the manufacturer
  • Nostalgia
  • Sentimental value
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You may have added an electric trailer tongue jack, painted the cabinets, lithium batteries, an inverter, a bike rack, a bigger TV, USB ports, a fancy faucet, the best RV mattress, and so on. Dents, leaks, and more issues might impact RV valuations.

Those types of things all affect NADA values.

When an RV is rare or in very high demand, the price can be significantly off in the NADA camper value.

In cases like these, you should look for other pricing help- more on that in a minute.

The NADA RV book value also doesn't consider current demand.

For example, when COVID-19 hit, demand for camping vehicles, which was already high, went even higher. People wanted to avoid hotels and instead stay in RVs for travel.

Higher demand pushed up already high prices even higher. These things are not taken into consideration by NADA.

It's just not possible for them to keep up with or even figure out the price change for something like that. Their pricing can lag actual market conditions. Keep that in mind.

Let's look at using the NADA travel trailer and motorhome guide to find your RV model or ones very similar to yours.

NADA RV Values- How To Use The NADA

This is only one way you should go about pricing your RV. Use more than one source so you can make a more accurate guesstimate.

Figuring out your private party RV value (or RV fair retail value) is a straightforward process with the NADA RV Values website.

NADA RV value website

Start by choosing what kind of RV you want to value

First, go to the NADA RV Values website.

Then follow the prompts. The steps to find out how much your RV is worth are as follows:

  1. Select the type of recreational vehicle under "Browse by RV type"
  2. Pick by make
  3. Select your RV year
  4. Scroll down until you find your RV model
  5. Enter your zip code
  6. You can then select options or get the base price

That's it! The NADA RV guide then spits out three RV selling prices for your unit:

  • Suggested RV list price
  • Low retail RV value
  • Average retail RV value.
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Don't forget to consider your RV upgrades, the condition of the interior and exterior, modifications, etc.

If you're a sane/logical/rational human, you should also understand that if your RV has problems such as water damage, you must decrease the price by the amount it will take to repair it.

Again- don't take the listed NADA price as perfectly correct. You should compare it to other places.

Also, what if your RV is not listed in this used travel trailer values and motorhome values database? You're in luck.

As mentioned, there are other ways to figure out what your RV is worth.

Alternative Ways To Find Camper Values

Besides using the NADA RV value checker, you may want to verify the price using other methods to find out how much my camper is worth.

Here are a few ways to see what the marketplace says your vehicle is worth to sell it yourself:

  • RV Trader
  • eBay
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Craigslist
  • PPL Motorhomes
  • RV Appraisal Service

How To Use RV Trader To Value Your RV

RV Trader is a website listing all types of RVs and campers for sale.

Private party sellers and RV dealers list units on the site.

Searching here for similar RVs for sale gives you a good idea of a fair price for your unit.

RV Trader

Beware, though, dealers often fiercely overprice their RVs. That said, a private party RV seller may overprice theirs as well. Take note of how long the listing has been up. If it hasn't sold in months, the price is undoubtedly too high (this could be because there's something majorly wrong with the unit that the seller isn't disclosing online).

However, if you find multiple RVs for sale like yours similar in price, brand quality, length, and features such as appliances and slides, that's a good indicator that yours is worth a comparable price.

RV Trader is also a great place to list your RV for sale.

Using eBay To Estimate Your RV Value

Here's how to find RV values using eBay. 

eBay has a beneficial feature when trying to figure out "what is my travel trailer worth." 

Just search for a similar rig to yours, then filter for 'sold items.' This is a realistic measure of the value of your RV (albeit it might even be on the low side).

Be aware that looking at an ASKING price (items currently for sale) on eBay does not compare to looking at what things are sold for.

Pay attention to what area of the country it was sold, its condition, and how its features match up to yours.

This will give you a pretty good guesstimate for how much you can list yours.

Ebay RVs For Sale

Click 'Sold Items' to ensure you see actual selling prices

First, go to eBay Motor's RV page.

When searching, first enter your RV manufacturer and model. Then click on 'sold items' in the left column.

If none are identical to yours, do a general search and enter criteria similar to yours such as length, number of slides or no slides, style, year, etc.

You have to rely on your common sense in this case. If you have a 16-25 foot long travel trailer with no slides, your RV should not be priced "the same" as a pop-up tent trailer that fell into the same search.

They should be VERY similar in brand quality, style, condition, and area of the country sold.

PPL Motorhomes Vehicles Sold List

This one is unexpected!

PPL Motorhomes is a huge and popular Texas RV dealership that also offers RV consignment.

They are pretty well-known for their excellent customer service. (A rare thing in the RV industry!)

Best of all, they freely advertise the prices of the RVs they have sold within the last two years (And they show the listing so you can see the condition of the RV, features, etc.).

Now THAT'S something!

Private Party RV Value

Some of the actual sold vehicles listed on PPL Motorhome's site

You can go to their sold RVs page. Click on the type of RV you want to see (conventional travel trailer, motorhome, RV with toy hauler, etc.).

Then, on the left side of the page, you can filter for MANY, MANY different things such as brand, weight, amenities, RV mattress size, bath amenities, if it has solar, and so much more.

This makes it easy to find if something very similar to yours has sold.

RV Appraisal Service

If you have a newer or more expensive RV and want to be extra sure you're pricing it correctly, you might try a professional appraisal service.

This route will cost you, sure.

But it might save you from losing thousands of dollars from under-pricing your unit.

I'd recommend an online search for "RV appraisals + your town name". For example, I searched "RV appraisals Tucson" and found one or two ideas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Kelley Blue Book For Campers?

While there is no Kelly Blue Book for campers, there is an RV price guide for campers, and it's the RV NADA guide.

How Do I Find The Value Of A Used RV?

To find the value of a used RV, check out the NADA RV price guide. Learn more about it above.

Does Renovating An RV Increase Value?

Renovating a camper might increase its value. Indeed, when an interior is updated, fresh, and clean, you can get more for it. However, if there are structural problems that aren't addressed, that's like putting lipstick on a pig, and you won't get more for it.

How Do I Look Up The Value Of My Camper?

If you'd like to know how much your camper is worth, we recommend checking out the RV NADA, which offers used RV pricing. You can also look for identical campers currently for sale on RV Trader or dealer lots.

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Don't give your RV away! Figure out what it is worth, so it's not sitting unsold forever and also so you don't cheat yourself out of potentially thousands of dollars.

It's pretty easy to figure out your private party RV value. All you need is an internet connection and to type out a few details.

I mean, come on. Easy-peasy! (Unless you have an ultra-rare or old unit that you cannot find online.)

Look at what others have sold for, compare the NADA for camper trade-in values, and look at what others are selling (or have sold) similar units for.

There are many online resources to get a good idea of RV resale values.

Good luck finding your RV trade-in value!

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    • Hi Keri,

      Ha! Why, you thinking about selling? : P

      For those with this question, this can be a little tough, especially if you have a camper or van that doesn’t compare to anything on the market or that has sold recently. Still, I’d first compare it to what is out there for sale at the moment. Just because you find some for sale doesn’t mean that they are asking a fair price. Sold values are way more accurate.

      Still, you can follow a similar camper listing to see how long it takes to sell. Contact the seller. See if they will tell you how much the final sale was (and tell them why you’re asking).

      Otherwise, at the very least, I’d throw a price out there and if you get a million hits right away, you’ve probably priced it too low. Take it off the market, re-price, and throw it back out there again.

      Put it on the market and get zero inquiries, and either you have something so rare the market is tiny or you have priced it considerably high. No-one wants to deal with an unreasonable seller, so likely you won’t get any bites at all if it’s priced way too high.

      Supply and demand will help you out. Put out the feelers, then sit back and watch the market tell you if you’ve priced it right or not. Just remember, you don’t have to sell to the first person who says they’ll buy it if you have 20 people right behind them saying they will buy it too.

      Hope this helps anyone with a custom camper! (I am pretty sure you aren’t really wanting to sell your van, Keri : P : P )

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