Your Most Embarrassing RVing Stories FORGIVEN at Camp Addict Church!

Oh, the stories. 

The embarrassment.

The SHAAAME. If you're human, you're bound to have made a 'did I just really do that!?' mistake with your RV.

We're here to give you salvation for your RV disaster without judgment.

(Wellll, there might be a LITTLE  judgment!!)

forget about it

You know... you remember... that time you managed to do 'X' with your RV?

The RVing story you have wanted to tell but instead you have held back under your pile of 'OMG, no-one has probably ever done THAT before'.  

Well, chances are, they have.

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Absolution For Your Mediocrity!

Your day has come, friend! Let us forgive you of your RVing blunder after you have confessed. ????

You can be clean again! (Well, as long as it doesn't involve killing kittens or something.)

Just share your most embarrassing RV story in the comments (Church)  and we will forgive you. 


Welcome To Camp Addict Church!

Everyone is welcome!

Simply speak your truth and you can be cleansed by Camp Addict. Just like the GIF below, we will listen, forgive, then ' CAMP-POW!' you, and you shall be free of your shame, to be a 'born-again' Camp Addict!

It's that easy. 

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Camp Addict Kelly's Humiliating RV Story

I'll start with my own embarrassment...

Hi there. My name is Kelly, and I'm a Camp Addict.  

It happened on my maiden voyage- the day I left my home and hit the road.

Shouldn't that make this story less embarrassing? I don't feel less embarrassed.

It's a dump story. Surely there will be many of this type!

I had been living in my rig for a month in my driveway, so naturally, I had been using my toilet.

I needed to dump my black tank on my way out of town.

I found a campground I could dump at in a boonies/sticks/redneck riviera-ville/ Deliverance type area.

It was a fishing campground on a lake in Defuniak Springs, Fl. 


An old fisherman came out to tell me where the dump was.

I still wasn't confident in my ability to dump my tanks without a disaster so I asked him if he would watch and make sure I didn't do something stupid.

"Sure!" he said. 

Actually, he proceeded to do it all himself while I watched.

I got the trailer drain hose out, and he bends down to take off the cap from my dump outlet on the RV...

and SEWAGE POURED OUT, dumping  all over his hands.

MY sewage.

I just stood there for a second.

I was horrified, to say the least.

Then I snapped out of the shock of the disaster

I just caused and started vehemently apologizing, looking for something to wash his hands off with. 'Oh god, oh god, I am so so sorry!!!'

The most incredible part of the story hasn't even happened yet.

HERE is the most incredible part:

The guy barely reacted.

In fact, he didn't react.

He just calmly closed the valve (with my shit on his hands) and stood up.

I swear, on my late Golden Retriever's grave, these words came directly from his mouth:

"Oh now, that's ahhhlright."

-Then, the most amazing line I have ever heard before:

"I've had worse on my hands."

Excuse me, what?

Worse??? WHAT?  

At the very least, a normal person would have reacted a little like this:


I think THAT guy needs cleansing more than me!  

He did mention something about "chickens" being worse...

Turns out, what happened there was the last time a dump was made in my rig, the looooong bar that closes the tank valve had bent.

Since it bent, the valve couldn't close all the way.

Not really my fault, but still horrifying to have happen to a poor old fisherman just trying to help me out.

That's maybe the worst thing I have had happen.

At least stories like this can be entertaining AND educating for other RVers!

I guess I will ask Camp Addict Church for forgiveness now...

Me: 'Camp Addict, am I absolved of my RVing sin?'

Camp Addict: "Yeah, that's super embarrassing, my child, but you can be free... so, CAMP-POW! to you, Kelly!

You have been absolved of your guilt and sin in the name of Camp Addict. Peace, our little RVer."

What's YOUR Funny RVing Story?

Hey, that felt great!

Do you have a funny RVing story?

Share it with Camp Addict 'Church'.

Your story doesn't have to be as long as mine. It can be one sentence, or longer than mine.

Whatever it takes to get the story across.

Simply comment below to confess your story, and we will free you of your guilt and shame forever!

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Camp Addict  will also be happy to link to your website if we share your RV story.

Live and learn, right?

We have all made mistakes.

Share and purge yourself of your guilt here.

We are happy to relieve the sins of our beloved followers.

Kelly Headshot

I dedicated myself to living the full-time RV life for over 6.5 years, immersing myself in the unique quirks and joys of the boondocking lifestyle and gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience along the way. In December 2020, my business partner and I made the transition to part-time RVing, but in January 2023, we hit the road once again, this time in our trusty vans. My mission is to help others embrace the RVing lifestyle with confidence and excitement, armed with the knowledge and resources needed to make the most of their adventures. I believe that the more you know, the more you can truly appreciate and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of the open road.

Camp Addict Church Below:

  • New to Rv’ing, I had borrowed the MIL’s Roadtrek to attend a Jamboree. Got to the campground, basically an open field near a rodeo grounds. Got my quad unloaded, rolled out the awning and set up camp. I had been on the road a few days so needed to re-provision. Hopped on the quad and headed to the market in town.

    Late summer in the White Mountains of AZ is monsoon season, and you can expect a daily shower, sometimes thundershowers. This day was clear as I left camp, but a small storm rolled off the mountains while I was away. Lot’s of wind and some water. Felt good, it was summertime.

    Got back to camp and the awning was an ugly mess of twisted aluminum and canvas. Neighbor camper explained he did the best he could to put it back together after the wind blew the awning over the top of the van. Did I know anything about securing or retracting the awning?

    I do now.

    • Oh, Steeeeeeve…

      The infamous leaving out of the awning when you leave camp!! It’s a hard and fast one to learn. And it hurts pretty badly ’cause you might not be able to move till it’s fixed, and it hits the pocketbook pretty bad.

      But once you know, you know, right?

      Ka-BAYUM, you are forgiven in the name of S’mores, campfires, and those oh-so valuable chocks!

      RIP old awning, and may your current awning always be watched.


  • No good RV story starts with a salad, it’s always poop!

    A few years ago we were parked at a lake in Oklahoma getting ready to leave the next in the next few days. I had a problem with the water inlet check valve in the coach, I found one locally and disassembled the wet bay to replace it, put it all back together, and yay we had water again.

    Fast forward to the night before we were scheduled to leave. I decided to dump the tanks and that’s where the problem began.

    I get into a kneeling position to open the cap of the outlet, one big twist and BAM i’m hit with a “Full Frontal Black Tank Assault” fire hose style. In my panic i’m trying to get the cap back on while being covered with the sewage soup. Of course the cap does not cooperate and I’m struggling to end the assault. Finally i get the cap on and it’s a shit nightmare on me, the coach and the site.

    I immediately begin stripping my somewhat fancy work clothes off, even my Calvin Kleins, I’m buck naked and using a combo of the outside shower and my bleach bottle solution I carry in the wet bay, not caring who saw me.

    The entire camp is a disaster, the neighborhood is not immune to the stank. I put all my clothes into the dumpster and call Nancy for a pair of shorts and flip flops, spent the good part of an hour attempting to clean everything up, washing down the pad, coach and lawn. Finally, I felt clean enough to get back in the coach to take a long shower.

    After I get out of the shower, the neighborhood is starting to grumble about outside, We said hell no, we’re out of here, so about 10 pm we left the site.

    The culprit was when i reassembling the tank cables, I did not tighten the set screw tight enough on the valve assembly so when I thought the cable was closing the valve, it really never did, and the cap was holding everything!

    Lesson: always use a 3rd valve as a safety, it’s good insurance!

    • Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Paul, Paul, Paul. That’s a horrifying story. And worse, it was your fault!

      But we all know that black tank disasters are simply a matter of time. They happen. What doesn’t usually happen is for the victim to fully strip down in front of the campground and it’s resident adults and children. 😂

      But, I also rather like the idea of not walking into my RV with sewage-covered clothing on. So, you probably made a good choice.

      Black tank accidents happen, they suck, but damn boy, you have learned a lesson you will never forget, so BLAM!!!!!! And CAMP-POW -you are forgiven in the name of the Camp Addict forgiveness squad!!

      Never shall you make that mistake again, my child. Never. Again.

      So, thanks for the entertaining story, carry on, and CAMP ON!!!

  • Hi my name is Bob and I’m a relative newbie to the RVing world. We were at a camp ground and somehow our reservation dates got mixed up. Another RVer pulled up and politely informed me he had the spot I was in. In my haste to move my RV I hurried to get water and electric unhooked. I made sure no dishes or cups were on the counters. I started the RV and started to pull out. I made a left hand turn onto the camp road and the ranger was running toward me waving his arms. I came to a stop, opened my driver side window and the ranger informed me my side awning was still out!! Very fortunately I stopped just shy of having it ripped off by a tree on the side of the road.
    Thanks for letting me share this. I do feel better.

    • Bob, Bobbie, Bobster, Bob-a-ruski… Wowza.

      You really almost did it, didn’t you?? I mean, how do you miss the giant sail of an awning still being out? ???? Somehow I very vividly pictured the story happening as you told it. And was laughing.

      Geez, you must have had a heck of a night in the campground the night before this, heh. Or, it was it really just a newbie mistake. One we *all*? could have made.

      We must admit, there have been much worse mistakes, and we are happy to hear you didn’t rip your awning off the side of your RV. And because nobody was killed, you get a Camp-POWZA!!!!!!

      IN the name of Camp Addict and all who have sinned this way in the past, WE FORGIVE YOU YOUR NEWBIE SIN! LOL! Whew, that really was a close one.

      We also forgave you as you sounded very kind about the whole situation. It was only in your respectful hurries/consideration for the other camper that this oversight happened. For that, thanks for being a cool camper.

      We dig.

      Now, go. And never make that mistake again. ???? ????

  • As the Rv Proctologist of Quartzsite, Az. We have seen a lot of different objects come out of rv holding tanks over 15 years of buisness. Heres just a few items.
    Beer cans, shaving cans, long match sticks, match box cars, cleaning brushes and towels, tons of wet wipes. Whole bottles of chemicals, adult diapers, kids underwear, tools, carpet and tack strips, cleaning shop towels, femin products, dentures and a lot more. I did a job for a lady and she called me the Rear Admiral.

    • WOW! Holy cow Steve, those are some crazy items to appear in an RV tank. ???? I mean, what are some people thinking??!!! LOL!!!

      Thanks for entertaining us with your story. Unbelievable.

      Folks, the RV Proctologist has been around Q a while now, they are a funny and helpful fixture in Q. Don’t hesitate to call if you need help!

      We can’t forgive you for anything though. It’s your customers that need forgiving. We’d love to hear from them about their stories about how “somehow my dentures fell into the toilet”. Lordie.

      Thanks Steve, keep on keeping those RV tanks free and clear!

  • I was an RV park manager for awhile and thought I had seen it all, WRONG. While cutting grass a lady comes running up to me screaming get over to site 32 fast. The smell hit me from several feet away. Shit, toilet paper, and whatever else was in the black tank covered two sites. 3 middle eastern men stood there looking scared. Started apologizeing right away. They were traveling in a rental class c,. Black tank had started to back up in the toilet, had never been dumped. They pulled the MH up next to the dump on their site and opened the valve somehow thinking the shit woul somehow all go into the sewer opening. I asked why didn’t you close it immediately. Said could not get to it with the shit flying. They wanted to clean it up. I knew that would be a disaster. They left and I had to close off two sites. Spread lime and remove lots of dirt and gravel. When rental units came in after that I told them do not dump without my supervision.

    • Ho-Lee-Cow!!!! That’s a DOOZIE, Bob!!! LOL!!! We mean, we’re so sorry. ????

      It’s a horrific story. We are glad it’s far, far behind you. Unreal what people can think as far as how gravity works and all. Makes you wonder though, eh?

      Well, we can’t forgive you as you aren’t the one who needs forgiveness here, but we are VERY happy about the new rule with the rental units! It’s a FANTASTIC rule!

      Good luck with never having that story repeat again!!!

      Camp On, Bob and thanks for the story!!!

  • You just never know when “disaster” will strike! But your odds are MUCH higher when you’re a newbie! Or so I hope. On our very first trip with our 5W, we were backing into a really tight, tricky spot in the rain. I was behind the 5W, darting back and forth trying to keep an eye on things, when BAM! I slipped on a wet rail road tie and fell to the ground with MY OWN RIG about to kill me! Of course, I had no way to communicate with the driver, my dear hubby, who was about to kill me anyway – so not sure it would have made a difference. Only kidding, but the stress of getting on the road is real! I popped up and ran out of the way. I think, even if I had broken my leg, I would have popped up and run away! The sight of a 13′ tall rig slowly moving toward you is VERY motivating.

    Then there was our first “real” night on the road as a full-timer, leaving north Florida and heading west – in the remnants of a hurricane, of course. Hubby snugged in too close to some overhanging live oaks before backing into our site. We backed in and then, fortunately, the large, white flapping motion of our now torn roof caught our eye. So, hubby is on the roof in bands of tropical rain and wind, attempting to repair the tear. He literally was hanging on for dear life, frantically mopping up water, huddled under an umbrella, trying to get (wet) roof adhesive to stick to a (wet) roof.

    Then, there was the time, we drove off and left our brand new plastic container with ALL of our waste tank paraphernalia in the campsite. Or the little incident when our 5W totaled the truck bed. Or, the time…

    • LOL, you sure have had a time of it! TORE the roof? Boy, you guys started off as professional accident-makers! Yeah, I totally pictured a giant fifth wheel backing up, almost coming over my body. Super motivating! Well done and good visuals! You, Diana, are BAM!!! Forgiven!!! You have forgiveness for your camping sins by Camp Addict Church, and thanks for sharing your stories!!!!! Sounds like you have more. ???

  • So my bathroom vent cover is fixed with penguin duct tape from a hole made by giant hail, the cracked panel over the refrigerator compartment that got sucked out by an impatient trucker’s rig is fixed with marshmallow roasters and Mac n cheese duct tape, but I’m not sure if duct tape of any terrific design can fix my bent ladder caused by me driving away with my apparently extremely strong clothesline still tied from the ladder to a tree in my camp site. I had to cut the line after realizing I was dragging a very large part of the tree through the campground. Now I can’t use the ladder to fix the flopping wire on the roof with my purple glitter duct tape. Btw my totally MacGiver marshmallow roasters and tape repair is still going strong a year and thousands of miles later…

    • We aren’t even sure of where to begin on this one! Is this for real??? Are you actually Camp Addict Kelly disguising herself as ‘Darcy’?? Wait, can’t be- I’m Kelly. But when I read this, I totally laughed since this sounded exactly like me… You, Darcy, would be the winner so far if we were looking for a winner for the craziest stories- but we are only forgiving. Oh, and hey, I once fixed a hole in my RV roof with gum. So, I get the duct tape and marshmallow roasters for sure. Darcy, Camp-POW, you are forgiven by the Camp Addict Gods! May you continue using your ‘extremely strong’ clothesline for things such as fixes and to pull off your RV ladder and tree limbs. That one almost made me spit out my Rum. Thank god it didn’. Thanks for sharing and for making us smile!!

      • It is totally for real. Another crazy thing about me driving away still tied to the tree was that I was only driving to the dump station and my neighbors started yelling that my door was open(I knew it was open and had it latched so it wouldn’t bang) but they didnt say a thing about the blue cording and chunk of tree accomanying me down the road. I was so flustered, I can’t believe I didnt do something stupid at the dump station to top it off.
        Someday I’ll explain why I had to replace the pricey electronics in my refridgerator twice in one month. I thought the learning curve might become less steep with time but I continue to amaze myself with mishaps. Wishing Y’all many more merry misadventures.

        • LOL! Well, you remind me of me (Kelly) when left on my own. Or, well, maybe an even klutzier version of me! Well, yes, the learning curve can be sharp sometimes- you’ll get through it! The Gods will be here to listen, either way. You have amazed us!! 😀

  • Driving in Michigan in pouring rain. Missed the camping area. Proceeded down a country road. How to turn the 33-foot FW around. A fork in the road, turned right. Wrongo. Hubby attempted a turn around. Long story short, the fifth wheel came in contact with the truck rear window. No more rear window. Our dealer as usual says, ” you aren’t the first.” Apparently, tho not a poop story something that has happened before. And, I haven’t even told the hitch up story.

    • OOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhh, Janet, Janet, Janet… that’s the first we have heard of such an event here at CA Church! What a buzzkill that had to be… insult after injury! We can’t wait for you to have your first poop incident. Try to get it on video. The poo stories are always such fun! Those accidents are the devil at work. When you are ready for more forgiveness, let us know your hitch-up story, but in the meantime, CAMP-POW!!! In the name of Camp Addict, we forgive you of your sin!!! And we hope your window has long since been replaced! Thank you for reading and attending Camp Addict Church!

  • Haaaaaaaaa – I’m cracking up here reading these stories knowing with absolute certainty that the day is coming when we’ll need to seek forgiveness from the CA gods. We haven’t even gone anywhere except the driveway and storage lots, and we’ve had screw ups!

    p.s. – I can totally see this as a video. The “sinners” come before Kelly & Marshall (I think flowing robes are in order for these officiants) and confess, then kneel to receive absolution. The CA “priests” then relay the verdict in a booming televangelist tone, and finish the ceremony off with a sprinkling of “holy water.”

    Wait – is it just me or does that holy water have a slight golden tint? ????

  • Yahaaa!! Love all the “Oooops ” stories!
    I am an old timer so I have to decide which of my mishaps I will share????..there have been many…too many????

  • Wellll, i hope I’m not jinxing myself! -but no poop spew story yet for moi.
    I guess my most public faux pas was with my 31′ TT. Headed to Cedar Key FL, I needed to hit a bank in Gainesville. Having no idea, I pulled into an entrance to both the bank and an adjacent office building area.
    Pulled into the bank raceway toward the ATM and saw the low overhang i could not clear as well as a big lovely tree with low boughs under which i could not go. I had to back that trailer out of the raceway around a sharp curve and into the office parking lot (also no exit from there) so I could drive out. One kind man held back the incoming cars while i did it and i was literally sweating bullets but went slowww and steady. Took about 10 minutes, felt like forever.
    Im sure the people were shaking their heads and grumbling but thankfully they werent pissy about it.
    Now I look to see my egress route before I pull into places.
    Soon as my poop story happens, I’m sure you’ll hear about it haha!

    • LOLOLOL!! That sucks. CA Kelly ALMOST did that once at a Taco Bell. Cityscapes can be a scary place for RVs. We cannot predict when your poop story will happen. The CA Gods definitely find horrible things FUNNY, but they don’t cause the things. That’s the devil. I’d go knocking on his door when that happens. This is pretty forgivable as it didn’t really take up TOO much time out of anyone’s day. I’m not so sure it’s totally forgivable, but they are the Gods, not me, so you got lucky. Had you held up traffic on a main road for an hour, well then, they may not have been as lenient. You’re approved, so CAMP-POW!!! you have been redeemed and forgiven in the name of bad driving decisions, of google satellite view, and of that fact that we are pretty curious if your ‘less public’ faux pas were more embarrassing. ???? Thanks for attending Church with us, come back when you screw up again, and Camp On, Su!!

  • we were headed north of twin cities mn., it was a hot day 90 plus in the shade very hot for mn. we had been driving for a while my wife & I and 2 grandkids with Tricksie our 65 lb boxer in front seat , well not long I had to stop for fuel which I did , did I say it was 90 plus in the shade , ok we stopped for a short break and I took Tricksie for a short walk so she could pee , mom and kids got back into truck , Tricksie was leaking a little so I got a paper towel and wiped her do do off set the towel down on seat , I did a quick walk around the rig before starting again , did I say it was hot hot hot , sweat was running off my forehead , I jumped into truck and grabbed the do do towel to wipe the sweat from my eyes and forehead , omg what did I just do ?

    • RICHIEE!!!!! Oh Richiee… you made the Gods laugh out loud. Yeah, and trust that they are laughing AT you, not with you! ???? Wow. Just wow. Ok, the Gods didn’t even need to talk this one over. You were doing a solid for the Tricksie, but boy did it ever backfire. (Is there a pun in there somewhere?) You needed to get this one off of your chest. So Richiee, in the name of the Camp Addict Gods, CAMP-POW!! you’re forgiven in the name of sterilization, of clean towels, and of never doing that again. Ever. ????Thanks for sharing your embarrassing (and gross) story with Camp Addict, Richiee, you have been absolved. And Camp On, Dude!

  • So recently I decided to pull into a site in a national forest for camping. I figured I’d pull way over to the right side of the dirt, grassy area with my 2 wheel 1/2 v6 sad specimen of truck and then back into a more semi level somewhat solid area (getting the idea that maybe I’m not thinking very well at this point!?!)

    Well I pulled in, stopped, and then attempted to back up. As my wheels spun on the ground moving nowhere I knew I was stuck. OF COURSE it was starting to snow! I then had the bright idea that I could unhitch, then pull my truck forward to a different angle on more solid ground, back up, hitch up and then try pushing.

    I did good, I got out, checked in front of me, noted that there was a stump to the right and made sure to mentally note to turn my wheel left. (We’ve already noted my mental facilities are not great at this point) So, of course, I then climbed back in, put the truck in drive and proceeded to turn my wheel to the right. Bump! Oh my now I’m stuck in the front against a trunk and can’t back up because my wimpy truck can’t handle the soft ground (even without my trailer, geesh!). So now my trailer is stuck, my truck is stuck, its cold, its snowing and I’m 3 miles down a dirt road in the middle of now where!

    At this point, I decide its beer time, nothing to be done on a Sunday night (did I mention my daughter was flying in on Tuesday 100 miles away so I really had to figure something out!). So I use all of my levelers and then climb into my still very unlevel, slanted, tilted forward (worst sleep ever, was afraid to turn too hard!) and decide to post to all facebook sites my issue, ask for help, drink beer and ask for more help.

    Now in an attempt to save myself, I jacked my truck up manually 4 different times (whew, does that count as my workout for the year?) and tried to wedge things under the tires to gain more traction. None of this worked of course and it continued to rain and snow!

    Luckily the next day I was able to find a local tow company who rescued my truck and RV and I then proceeded to a campground with paved roads!

    • Oh, dear Katina. The Gods know the pain of having a 2wd truck. Such vehicles should never be made! But that’s the beauty of full-time RV life- your whole house and everything you need is always with you! Oh, wait. Except for 4wd. Anyway, good for you for going right to the beer. This is certainly a different type of Church… the Camp Addict Gods love beer. Katina, in the name of the Camp Addict Gods, CAMP-POW! you have been absolved in the name of good beer, better beer and the best damn beer you can find in times such as these! Thanks for sharing your embarrassment with us, and Camp on, Katina!

  • Why do I feel like I should start with, “This one time? At band camp?”

    Anyway, after 18 months of full-time RVing, and countless successful versions of pack-up, hitch-up, and pull away, we pulled out of a parking lot and heard a clunk as we negotiated the first left turn.

    Knowing that no RV clunk is a good clunk, we pulled over ASAP.

    Front stabilizer legs: still extended. We stared at each other with holy shit eyes. WE FORGOT TO RETRACT THE EFFING LEGS.

    To be fair, the parking lot we’d been in was at a truck dealership, where we’d had to pull in, detach from the 5th wheel, and have the service guys take a look at the truck’s front tires, which had recently been re-attached by a *different* dealership after a *different* incident — without benefit of torquing the lug nuts. So we were already, well, torqued, and more than a little distracted.

    Forgive us Camp Addict Gods, for we have committed the sins of over-confidence, scatter-brainedness, and general dip shittery. I’d say it won’t happen again, but…

    • Emily, Emily, Emily… boy oh boy. Well, you quickly remedied the situation, and I really liked your ‘holy shit eyes’, that part kind of saved you. (The Gods really really liked that part too.) The Camp Addict Gods have approved you, so Emily, CAMP-POW! You have been absoooooolved of your RVing sin… in the name of RV repair, of distraction, and the torqui-ness you showed. But we know you have a good sense of humor, so this was totally warranted. (Your torqui-ness) Thanks for joining in our CA Church, you are not alone, and Camp On, Emily!

  • I can’t EVEN match Kelly’s story but I do have an embarrassing story about my sewage system on my 1998 Trek. I went to a 4 day FMCA rally in Perry, GA, traveling on the interstate first, and then following secondary roads. Got to Perry, enjoyed the 4 days, and then made my way to an RV dealer in Lake Park, Ga for some service. It was there that I found out that after going over a curb in one of the towns I went through, I had scraped off ALL the sewage pipes on the bottom of the trek when I went over that curb. I had smelled NOTHING of this disaster in Perry, but then I traveled 94 miles spewing the contents of my black tank all over the interstate…. ????

    • OH MY, Marsha!! Now that… that… just wow. Ok, let’s see if the Camp Addict Gods can let spewing sewage all over the highway (and surely other windshields) be forgiven… M-hmmm… Ok… Ok… Yeah… Ok, I’m back. They Gods said that it’s forgivable, but BARELY. So you can be born again… I am hesitating, but the CA Gods said to do it, so CAMP-POW! you are absolved of your RVing sins, in the name of sanitation, of getting shit fixed (pun intended), and for the ‘joys’ of RVing! Thank you for joining us in Camp Addict Church, and Camp On, Marsha!!! Just… watch those curbs. ????

  • Our first time out in our new travel trailer was an interesting start. Once we were backed in and levelled, I went to connect the city water to the trailer. Turned on the water and walked away. 10-15 minutes later, it was a like a waterfall spilling off the roof of the trailer. Had no idea where the water was coming from. Turned out, I connected the city water to the black tank wash system and if overfilled and started spilling out of the sewage stack on the roof. Oooops! Good thing the black tanks hadn’t been used yet.

    • Oh, Kyle… we’re not sure if this will really be effective… oh, wait- the black tank hadn’t been used yet? Well then, CAMP-POW! Your sin has been absolved, in the name of no poop, knowing which connection is which, and just THANK GOD there was no poop!!! Thank you for commenting, you should feel better now, and Camp On, Kyle!!

  • Frank, my beagle companion, and I had already been on the road for seven months, living in a tent, before we upgraded to our teardrop trailer. We drove from a campground in South Texas to Santa Ana, CA to pick it up.

    We camped the next two nights in Hemet, CA, taking an extra day to figure out how to best transfer and stow gear from the car into the Nutshell (our aptly named teardrop).

    The morning we were to leave, I could not align the ball and hitch to save my soul, no matter how many times I backed up, pulled forward to start over, and backed up again.

    I finally got them within a few feet of each other and thought, “It probably weighs 900 pounds, fully loaded, and it’s on wheels. Just pick it up and pull it to the ball!”

    Unfortunately, I missed science class the day they talked about “inertia”. I stopped pulling, the trailer kept coming, and crushed my middle finger between the end of the hitch and the license plate on the back of my car. My first thought was that I’ll never be able to play guitar again. (I asked the doc in the ER if I would be able to play guitar, and he replied, “I don’t know. Do you play guitar now?” Everybody’s a comedian.)

    Everything turned out okay. No permanent damage and despite my fears, I can still play guitar as well as before the accident. Just a scar.

    • LOL! Yeah, some of those classes actually DO come into good use, don’t they? Jeff, we’re glad your finger turned out OK! CAMP_POW! You have been absolved, in the name of Inertia, Your Finger, and Medical Technology! Thank you for joining us at Camp Addict Church, you are not alone. Now go and Camp On, Jeff!

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