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Pop-Up Camper Mattresses- 3 Best Places To Buy The Perfect Replacement

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By Kelly Beasley

Pop-up campers are a fun and affordable way to get your family out into nature.

Fun as they are, pop up camper mattresses are sometimes NOT fun or comfortable.

They might be too thin, worn out, or just flat out used and dirty.

Pop up Trailer

Or they might even be damaged.

Thankfully, a pop up camper replacement mattress doesn't have to be expensive to replace and is much more likely to give you a good night's rest.

The biggest limiting factor for a replacement is the mattress height.

It can't be super thick, as the camper top won't be able to come down and lock completely if you have too thick of a bed in there.

You must also consider the space that the bedding takes up.

Let's look at some of the challenges of replacing a pop-up camper mattress.

What Kind Of Mattress Is In A Pop-up Camper?

Pop-up campers will always have foam mattresses in them.

No innerspring mattresses here due to the limited thickness.

Typically, the design of the trailer only allows for a 4-inch mattress, and that's the size of many a foam topper!

As you can imagine, the trailer's main trait probably isn't comfort, and the stock mattresses for sure aren't durable.

This is why replacement RV mattresses are often an immediate upgrade after purchasing your new RV.

What Size Bed Is In A Pop-up Camper?

Pop up camper mattress sizes will vary depending on the particular recreational vehicle.

Some have standard trailer mattress sizes or close to it, such as a king bed or standard queen.

If not, you're going to have to do your own measuring to get the right size for your mini camper trailer.

Your new mattress likely needs to be custom-sized.

Whether you want to replace the mattress or get a thin full mattress topper to put on top, you need to know the exact dimensions.

Then you can order the right size, or you can cut a mattress to fit if you want to.

How Do You Change A Pop-up Camper Mattress?

Changing out a pop-up camper mattress is very easy.

The mattress is likely 4 inches thick or less, so it won't be heavy.

You can slide it off the bed platform and pop your new one on. Easy-peasy!

What To Look For In A Pop-Up Camper Mattress Replacement

You first have to know if you have a smaller bed than the standard sizes.

So, look up your pop-up camper mattress thickness and size in your owner's manual, or measure it yourself.

You might have a short queen size mattress, RV full, RV queen, or even an RV bunk type of size.

These pop up camper beds have mattress sizes all over the place.

Any material that is comfortable for you will work fine.

Thickness is often the issue, as your pop up camper mattress may have come with a super-thin, weak few inches of memory foam or the like.

If there's room, you can get a thicker mattress and one made of better materials.

Know How Much Room You Have!

The most important thing is that you don't get yourself a mattress that is too thick.

Measuring RV mattress thickness

Tissue Box Test

Some people swear by the 'Kleenex box test' or tissue box test.

You simply place an empty tissue box on your mattresses, then put the top down and lock it.

If the container isn't squished, you have at least that much space left.

If it's squished down, measure how much, and then you know what amount of space is left for bedding or a topper or a thicker new mattress.

Keep in mind your pop up camper bedding takes up room, too.

If you want a little thicker mattress (maybe an inch), you can take off the comforter and pillows during travel so you can get a thicker mattress.

Next, look for a mattress that has some density to it. If it doesn't, you're going to feel the floor under the bed when you sleep.

Some mattresses have a dense bottom with memory foam on top.

Solution For A Topper That's Too Thick

If you have a camper mattress pad that's not too big or heavy but it's too thick to allow you to close your trailer up, you could store it in your tow vehicle while in transit.

Then, once you get there and open up the trailer, put the topper on top of the mattress.

This solves the problem of not being able to close up the trailer because a topper makes it too fat.

But you need to have room in your tow vehicle to store it.

(If you have room on the floor of the camper itself when everything is closed up, this is another potential storage spot.)

RV park full of RVs at the base of mountains

Pop Up Camper Mattress Replacement On A Budget

The nature of this mattress type and style lend that you don't have to spend much money.

It's just foam, and you can find foam for pretty cheap.

As far as needing to pay more for a custom mattress, you might not have to.

Since it's foam, you can cut it to fit. If the pop up camper foam mattress you have isn't long enough for the bed, you might use the parts you cut off to fill in where needed.

As long as it's not too tall, you can fit whatever mattress you want to.

Can You Put A Memory Foam Mattress In A Pop-Up Camper?

Yes, you can put a memory foam mattress in a pop-up camper.

As long as there's room to shut the unit into its fully compact travel state, it will work great.

RV memory foam mattress

Some choose to put memory foam mattress toppers onto the existing mattress.

But again, you should make sure it isn't too thick as a combo for your travel trailer to compact into travel mode entirely.

How Can I Make My Pop-Up Camper Bed More Comfortable?

To make pop up camper mattresses more comfortable, people often use a topper or put another layer of foam underneath the mattress.

You can also use a Froli sleep system if you have space for it.

It adds about 1 3/8 inches to the mattress height, so make sure you have that room and can still close up the trailer for travel.

This is a springy box-spring type of setup that makes any mattress more comfortable.

It also allows for airflow under the bed, preventing mold.

Secondary Comfort Solution

Another solution is to place interlocking anti-fatigue mats under the mattress.

You can cut them to size, and they might keep you from feeling the board underneath the mattress.

It's too bad you usually can't go thicker than about 4 inches with your bed, but that's the nature of the beast.

Pop Up Truck Camper interior

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Mattress Is In A Pop Up Camper?

There is no standard size for these beds. Measure yours to find out what size you need for replacement.

What Kind Of Mattress Goes In A Pop Up Camper?

You can use any mattress in a pop-up. It just needs to fit.

Most often, it's an all-foam mattress. They are light, thin, and can be cut to size if necessary.

What Do You Put Under A Pop Up Camper Mattress?

Some owners put the Froli Sleep System under their mattresses.

Others have utilized interlocking anti-fatigue mats under the bed to make them a little squishier.

Pop-Up Tent Trailer interior

How This Of A Mattress Can You Put In A Pop Up Camper?

Usually, the max thickness of a pop-up camper mattress is around 4 inches.

What Size Is A Queen Mattress In A Pop Up Camper?

Pop-up camper mattress sizes are all over the board.

One might have a traditional queen-sized mattress (60" x 80") or an RV queen size (60" x 75"), or something very close in dimensions.

What Is The Best Mattress For A Pop Up Camper?

While there is no one best replacement mattress for pop up campers, there are good companies out there.

Here are the ones we recommend:

Foam Factor

Foam Factory logo

Foam Factory offers up just about any dimensions and size/thickness you need.

They even have various foams from which to choose. Toppers can be had as well.

The ordering process is pretty straightforward, and the price is right.

SleepDog Mattress

SleepDog mattress logo

SleepDog has RV and truck mattresses at a very affordable price.

Though they don't offer custom sizes, they have various sizes available.

Even if you don't find one that is just right, if you go a little bigger, you can cut the mattress down to size.

It's all foam! You only have to remove the cover first.


Tochta RV Mattress logo

Tochta is a company that makes any custom size or shape you want, as well as standard size beds. Even though you order a custom size, it's pretty affordable.

We love the comfort of Tochta as well (The Utopia is Kelly's long-time favorite mattress). You can order just about any size or thickness needed.

Most of the time pop-up campers don't have angled corners, but if you prefer this to store things, you can get your corner(s) angled.

Alternately, you could cut corners on any foam mattress using a knife.


It's easy to find a new mattress for pop up camper.

TrailManor hard sided pop up camper open position

A pop up mattress may come in unusual dimensions, but that might make it even easier to replace yours.


Because if you get an all foam mattress but it's too big, you can simply cut it to the pop up camper bed replacement size you need.

Just make sure your new tent trailer mattress isn't too thick to be able to close up your camper.

Otherwise, we highly recommend replacement if your existing bed is not comfortable.

One must get a good night's rest after a full day of exploring!

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