Top 5 Most Expensive Luxury Travel Trailers It Would Be Blissful To Have

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By Kelly Beasley

Luxury travel trailers (bumper-pull) that are truly high-end are few and far between in the USA.

As a result, we only found a grand total of five luxury travel trailers. You could even say we only found four plus one sort-of luxury one.

We decided to stick with showing only USA-made products as it would be difficult to get or even see one from overseas.

Anyway, the five that exist are pretty impressive in their own right.

Without further adieu, let's dive in and see the best luxury travel trailers.

What Is A High-End Travel Trailer?

High-end campers have interiors and exteriors that consist of the highest quality components, opposed to the very low-quality most towable trailers are made from.

Not only do they look good, but they are also made to last, some even featuring marine-grade materials.

As we all know, yachts must endure one of the roughest conditions of all: salt water.

So, the amenities inside these high-end camper trailers possess the most luxurious materials one can source.

Bowlus high end trailer beach sunset

Even more importantly, the exteriors contain materials that will easily outlast your lifetime.

For example, they'll make the frame out of aluminum instead of steel so it will never rust.

The exterior walls are usually made from a yacht-like shell, fiberglass, aluminum, or stainless steel.

Water does not penetrate these models easily, and if it does, there's not much inside that can mold or degrade from it.

Luxury travel trailer brands also have a luxe look, inside and out.

Without further adieu, let's explore the five most high-end travel trailers your money can (or can't) buy.

The 5 Best Luxury Travel Trailers

Once again, there are some fabulous travel trailers out there.

They may look pretty luxurious and have super cool amenities inside.

But if they have poor longevity and cannot suit the most discerning wealthy person, they don't qualify.

Be aware that there are very few pristine manufacturers of premium travel trailers in existence.

RVs are notorious for poor quality.

That said, here are the five significant exceptions.

1. Living Vehicle

Living Vehicle high end travel trailer

There is no arguing that the Living Vehicle is the most luxurious and high-tech luxury RV trailer ever built.

Their goal is to make it as electric-powered as possible, eliminating the need for propane or generators.

Hence, their motto "luxury unplugged."

This rig has features and styling you won't find in any other luxury camper trailer.

The luxury and comforts this one has are unheard of.

It has things like a side self-supported balcony that raises and lowers by a motor (not to mention almost zero travel trailer RVs have a balcony).

Living Vehicle luxury travel trailer seating area

The bathroom's shower is spa-like. It features a walnut wood slat wall and floor and has a skylight above the shower.

Certain packages include a wall towel warmer.

The shower is at LEAST 7 feet high, so tall persons will have no problem in the shower or anywhere else in this rig.

Their solar array, battery, and power system are phenomenal.

Many fine details were implemented, such as not using fuses but instead using breakers.

It comes with a booster installed, a ceiling heater, and the air conditioning runs off the batteries, which is HUGE.

Living Vehicle luxury camper bedroom

Every electronic device is wired to the internet cable so every electronic device in the rig is connected to the network.

This means you AND the company can access everything online.

What this also means is that you can control everything in your system remotely. It doesn't require WIFI to work.

They have double-decker solar panels that extend out to make an awning while also exposing the underneath panels.

The ceiling bed (above the dinette) option is unreal. If you get that package, you can sleep 6 in this high-end trailer.

The materials used in this one are marine-grade. There are so many details that make this one incredible.

Depending on which package you choose, you'll get somewhat non-standard RV things like:

  • Dishwasher
  • Clothes washer and dryer
  • Water heater that gives you instant hot water
  • Three-stage water filter
  • Lots of storage

Living Vehicle packs more solar and lithium battery capacity than anything we've seen outside of a custom install.

If you can handle losing storage under the bed, you can opt for the office package.

The office package features an office 'under' the bed.

You lift up the bed like a Murphy bed, and under it is a shelf containing all your desk with plug-ins for your computer, USB ports, etc. Brilliant!

Living Vehicle luxury trailer kitchen

The home theater option in the bedroom comes with a 4K projector and a movie-style projector screen in the bedroom area.

The kitchen features a large sink and a three-burner stove that runs off of propane.

The kitchen area has ample counter space with a rolling island you can move out to the deck for counter space when you barbecue if you'd like.

They pack in a full-size residential refrigerator and a dishwasher.

Living Vehicle thought of just about everything, even down to an option for a private and cordoned-off cat litter box door leading to a hidden compartment for the litter box.

You then access that compartment from the outside, so you don't see it or smell the litter!

They even have an option with the app to monitor the temperatures inside the trailer, so you don't worry if it's too hot inside for your pets while you're away.

Living Vehicle luxury trailer bedroom

There are so many fantastic features to this top of the line RV we could go on and on about it.

But it would take forever. We've covered the big oohs and ahhs.

Watch the video below if you want to see it 'in real life.' It's worth it.

Used Living Vehicles range from $300,000 to $498,500, and we found a new one that had just sold for $639,800.

So, um, don't get your hopes up on getting one of these unless you're loaded!

Our Thoughts:

This Living Vehicle pretty much the perfect tiny mobile home, hands down, and they make the best luxury travel trailers money can buy.

One thing we wish they had done differently is to NOT put those horrible windows on that open maybe three inches. Airflow is lacking with this type.

That said, there are a few exit windows that could be opened all the way out if needed.

Also, the stellar heating and cooling system should keep you comfortable if it's too warm.

Visit Their Website

2. Oliver Travel Trailers

Oliver Legacy Elite II travel trailer

The Oliver is a molded fiberglass camper that is made like a yacht and is another rig that will easily outlast your lifespan.

The quality inside and out is of the highest, making this one of the fanciest small travel trailers around.

They are very similar to a couple of brands you may be familiar with, the Scamp RV trailer and the Casita fiberglass trailer.

However, the Oliver is those RVs on steroids as far as quality goes.

It's almost as if they took the design of the Casita and decided to make the same thing but with premium materials.

Oliver Legacy Elite II interior looking forward

The shell of Oliver camping trailers consists of four molds—two on top and two on the bottom. The top and bottom have an inner and an outer shell.

The 'guts' of the camper go in between the two shells.

Any water penetration goes out the bottom, where they install pre-made holes for any water to drain.

There is almost nothing structurally on this camper that can deteriorate outside of an accident that destroys it.

The interior resembles a yacht, much more so than the above brand. It consists of curved molds and white and shiny walls.

The rounded exterior makes it very aerodynamic and good for your gas mileage.

Also, the Oliver is very light but doesn't win the lightest small luxury campers award (GVWR = 5,000 to 7,000 pounds).

Cool Oliver options: You can upgrade to have weight sensors installed underneath your LP tanks.

The sensor tells you, through your phone, how full or empty your tanks are. The lithium pro package gives you lithium batteries.

Oliver Legacy Elite interior looking rearward

The unit is a four-season rig.

The double pane windows and double shell design combined with insulating properties in between keep things very cozy inside.

Storage is ample with premium door, hinge, and locking mechanisms. Drawers have the soft-close feature.

The frame and entry steps are all aluminum, so there is no rusting.

Boondocking is a breeze with the Oliver in that tanks are large, you can have 30 pound propane tanks added, solar is an option, and the four-season build makes everything comfortable.

There's not much lacking in this camper.

Our Thoughts:

We like the concept and high quality of the Oliver, but for us, it's a no.

The windows are so small that it just feels cave-like.

We prefer the ample windows the Casita has, though the Casita quality isn't as good and it isn't nearly as luxurious. To each their own!

Visit Their Website

3. Bowlus

Bowlus high end trailer beach sunset

The Bowlus is considered to be 'the original riveted aluminum trailer.'

In 1934, pilot and sale plane enthusiast Hawley Bowlus decided to build the first riveted travel trailer using the exact design mechanisms he used to construct the Spirit of St. Louis aircraft.

It is said that all riveted trailers were influenced by this design (Gee, wonder who they mean? LOL!).

They are built in southern California.

Their headline feature is likely their power system. True, you won't find many RVs with this much power storage potential.

Bowlus high end trailer at beach

The Bowlus Terra Firma model comes with 8-kWh of lithium-iron batteries.

Bowlus states you can stay off-grid for two weeks, but we all know this is 100% dependent on your power usage.

These expensive trailers come with all of the technology-laden basics you would expect in most luxurious travel trailers such as:

  •  HEPA filter with UVC
  • Water filtration system
  • GPS tracking
  • Fully heated floors throughout (the only travel trailer to boast such a luxury)

The unit is unique in its looks and one main design feature- the entry door.

They placed the door on the tongue of the trailer, so it's at the front.

Tongue entry is something we've seen in no other RV out there.

Bowlus luxurious trailer interior

The Bowlus consists of one long hallway, though there are doors that can separate and close off one section from the other.

In other words, you can close off the bed area from the living room.

The bed at the back forms two twin beds, but you can also convert it into a king-size mattress.

Moving forward, you will pass through the bathroom area, where you have a full walk-in shower, finished in teak seating and flooring.

You'll get continuous hot water and Italian marine-grade fixtures.

Moving up to the living area, sofas or dining area convert into twin beds for additional sleeping capacities.

USB ports and outlets are plentiful around the dinette area.

Bowlus luxury trailer kitchen

The kitchen is in the front of these luxury travel trailers, and you pass through it when you enter.

They feature stainless steel countertops as well as the usual necessities you'd need in a kitchen.

It's a tiny area, don't expect the same room as you'd find in luxurious fifth wheel campers.

The Bowlus has four models, all with identical floor plans. The differences being the included features and technology.

Starting prices for the four different models range from $235,000 to $310,000.

Our thoughts:

The Bowlus lacks in the features and amenities of the other rigs. It just doesn't excite us and we're not a big fan of the super linear hallway throughout the entire trailer.

We're sure owners love the heck out of it. It is just not our style or flavor.

Visit Their Website

4. Airstream Classic

Airstream Classic trailer

Speaking of riveted, Airstream took notes out of the Bowlus book.

The most popular and common riveted trailer, Airstream luxury pull-behind campers are iconic and often represent the American dream.

Airstream makes many different models in many different floorplans and lengths, but their Classic is the most expensive and luxurious.

It also happens to be their longest trailer in size, offering them in 30 and 33 foot lengths.

Airstream interiors are not only full of comforts, but they have a pleasing aesthetic.

More modern in design than most RVs, they feature high-quality materials such as solid surface countertops like Corian, Ultraleather seating, heated bathroom features, and handcrafted cabinetry (they make their cabinets in-house).

Airstream Classic luxurious travel trailer interior

Propane tanks sit on a sensor, so you know how full or empty they are at any time by looking at your onboard digital controller.

You can also remotely look at your electronics system and control things using the Airstream App.

One thing Airstream offers that none of the others on this list is an awning package with awnings covering almost all windows (but no power awnings).

All windows open out for excellent airflow.

Airstreams are four-season units, and none of the trailers have a slide-out.

The Classic also features the continuous hot water feature for your comfort.

Their stainless steel sink is quite large, so you can easily wash your dishes.

You even get a doorbell with the Classic! That's fun. People love their Airstreams, and they are very nice trailers.

The Classic in 2022 starts at $188,100.

Our thoughts:

Kelly loves Airstreams. Marshall is more focused on that it's a Thor product, and quality is not where it should be.

But we both love the modern interiors, the look of the outside, and you will likely get your money back if you buy and then need to sell.

You at least won't lose much as these luxury travel trailers hold their value well!

Visit Their Website

5. Runner-Up/ Budget : inTech Terra

inTech Terra luxury travel trailer

We included the inTech brand as they also use fiberglass and other long-lasting materials to make their trailers.

They are not a molded fiberglass design, but they use an aluminum frame and materials that will long outlast a regular trailer.

While they're not the most luxurious models, they are high on the list of trailers with luxurious features made from long-lasting materials and look high-end on the inside.

When looking at comparable lengths and features, this is the most affordable trailer on the list by far.

Intech luxurious trailer bedroom

Starting with the frame, they use an all-aluminum, fully welded cage frame. It won't rust, and it's very lightweight.

With inTech, you have more size and floorplan options than any of the other manufacturers, as inTech makes four models of RVs:

  • Flyer
  • Luna
  • Sol
  • Terra

The Flyer is the smallest, starting at 12 feet 4 inches, and Terra is the longest at 26 feet.

We'll focus on the Sol and Terra as they are most comparable to others on the list.

inTech Terra luxury trailer interior

These inTech models have a unique look about them.

Most campers are square or teardrop-shaped. The inTech is forward shaped, attempting to utilize space over the tongue.

Their interiors are modern, bright, and sleek.

The materials used are above most regular box travel trailers, meaning there are no staples or cheap wood, etc. in this unit.

Of course, you get all the standard features you'll find in any complete RV, a dinette, bed, stove, refrigerator, pantry, etc. but you won't find the above and beyond features such as a cool deck or a huge power system.

Even so, you can bet your inTech will outlast your lifetime if you care for it and don't get it into an accident.

This one will turn heads and have people asking you who made the RV and where you got it.

Our Thoughts:

We like the concept of these trailers, and the looks of them.

We're not sure they are as bombproof as they have fiberglass walls but not the one-piece shell that is so good at keeping water out.

That said, are there many components that can deteriorate if water penetration happens? We don't think so but are not 100% sure.

They are the most affordable on the list, so they are in much more realistic reach than the others which is appealing.

We'd own one, sure.

Visit Their Website


Today's high-end travel trailers are much nicer than most luxury hotel rooms and are miles nicer than most typical American homes.

In regular travel trailers, you might get a jackknife sofa, solar prep, or theater seating.

But in large and small luxury travel trailers, you're bound to find luxuries such as towel heaters, heated floors, complicated electronics systems, decks, multi-use areas, and high-end materials throughout (except for the last manufacturer on the list).

Jessica's Airstream travel trailer and tow vehicle with mountains in background

Personally, we're taken by the Living Vehicle. But holy cow, that price tag, ouch!!!!

At that price, I'd never want to take it out. It would be more like having a showpiece such as a collectible car.

Hopefully, you found something on this list to either dream about or to look into buying for yourself and adding to your big boy or big girl toy collection.

We hope you enjoyed this list!

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